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Patch to lose weight… without exercise!

Patch to lose weight... without exercise!
Patch to lose weight… without exercise!

Specialists of the Nanyang Technological University, in Singapore, claim to have developed a patch with which it would be possible to lose weight fast, without the need for surgeries or exercise.

It seems incredible but, according to the Daily Mail, this patch would reduce 30% of body fat in just 4 weeks.

How the patch works to lose weight

According to the publication, the patch uses hundreds of micro-needles (thinner than human hair) loaded with a weight-loss drug, which is dosed via the skin.

The medication is based on substances that stimulate thyroid hormone (T3 triiodothyronine).

From the fifth day of use, the product begins to transform the “bad” white fat that stores energy and turns it into brown fat, which is burned quickly with this medication.

Very cheap

According to the researchers’ calculations, producing the fat burning patch is very cheap and would only cost $ 3.15, so it could be an alternative to current high-cost medications.

The preliminary tests of this product have been in mice, the next step is to do studies in humans, to determine its effectiveness and if it produces side effects. There are still several years of research before this patch is considered for commercialization.


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