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Pay with Samsung Pay is rewarded: this is the new Samsung Rewards loyalty program

Pay with Samsung Pay is rewarded
Pay with Samsung Pay

Samsung’s mobile payment system arrived in Spain almost a year and a half ago and is available with several cards from different banks, but until now there was no loyalty program for Samsung Pay.

This has changed with the arrival of Samsung Rewards, a service that will give points when making payments with the mobile phone that we can then exchange for different gifts. There are three categories based on the number of transactions made per month and also opens with a welcome promotion that gives double points.

Earn points by paying with Samsung Pay

As we said, Samsung Rewards is a loyalty program that allows you to accumulate points when paying with Samsung Pay, points that can later be exchanged for gifts. But there is a key detail and is that depending on our category we will receive more or less points for each transaction.

And how do I know my category? Easy, by the number of transactions made each month. In total there are three categories:

  • Bronze category: all customers will start being Bronze category, which corresponds to those who make between one and ten monthly transactions. In this first level we will get ten points for each payment.
  • Silver category : the next step is for those who make between 11 and 20 monthly transactions. In this case they will receive 15 points for each payment they make with their mobile phone.
  • Gold category: the highest level is the gold category, which will be for those who pay between 21 and 50 times with the mobile (we know, there is no platinum category for those who pay more than 50 times in a month). The points accumulated in each purchase amount to 20 in this category.

Samsung indicates that we will go up in category at the moment of reaching the minimum of monthly purchases required in each one of them. The category will be maintained throughout the following month.

As we mentioned at the beginning, Samsung Rewards comes with a special promotion that will double the points earned if we make purchases before January 6th. However, at the moment there is no information about a key detail, and it is what gifts can be chosen or the amount of points that will have to be disbursed.


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