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Pepephone changes from Red to Yoigo and its clients will have to change SIM


Pepephone already showed that it was going for all with the launch of its Inimitable rate, getting one of the best in terms of value for money, and today we see that it takes a step forward, given that Pepephone will migrate all its lines to the network of Yoigo, so all your customers will have to change your SIM card.

Pepephone is taking giant steps, and we saw it when it got a big deal with Movistar and access to its 4G network, but being Pepephone within the MásMóvil group, it would start using a network quite different from the one we are used to, but that Yes, it is a step that will improve the coverage of many of your clients, by having more options in your own network.

Pepephone improves its coverage by migrating its network to Yoigo


Today we see that one of the most famous virtual operators of the moment takes a step further to integrate within the group. They announced a few minutes ago that Pepephone will migrate all the lines of their customers to their own mobile network. This network change will be very good for customers, given that it will bring better coverage on many occasions, and improvements that will come later in services, such as offers or more.

From the next months, all Pepephone customers will use the Yoigo network to communicate. This change will be slow, but it is already under way. The operator tells us that the main network we will use will be Yoigo, but we will have a second network that is more favorable, being Orange, and a third network, which is Movistar, for other types of occasions. We have three different networks so that they offer us the best possible service and that we do not run out of coverage.

Customers will have to change their SIM


Of course, this change we will notice, only because we will have to change the SIM from now. Pepehone has opened a section on its website where we will have to follow certain steps to get the new SIM, and it will explain how the change of Network will be and we will see how much coverage we will have depending on the place where we are.

In this change process, we will receive an SMS to confirm where we want to receive the new SIM. Once done, it will be sent as soon as possible, and as soon as it is received, we will have to notify so that the change is made at dawn and we do not waste time without coverage. Finally, the configuration of our mobile networks will be done automatically, so we will not have a complicated process to do so.


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