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Phases of the breakup of couple

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When we end up with a loving relationship, we all go through a duel, even though we all experience it differently, in the end, it is a loss. For that reason, we show you the phases of the duel of the breakup of a couple.

According to a study published by Binghamton University, men and women react differently to a breakup of love. In fact, men take longer to recover from it.

These are the stages of the duel:


When we finish one and it is not precisely we who made the decision, by nature, we tend to deny it. We cannot believe that person does not want to be on our side anymore.

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Afterwards, we feel a lot of anger before situation and ego, sometimes; we just do not want to know more about that person. It is so much the pain that caused us to become angry.


After a few days, even months, we are likely to be overcome by sadness. Actually, we can say that in that moment we miss the moments lived and experiences with that person.


At this point we already assimilated the rupture, as it is vulgarly said, ‘we dropped 20’. It’s time to move on and continue with our life. The best way to do it is by focusing on yourself, taking care of yourself and practicing activities that you enjoy.

These are the phases of the grief of the couple breakup, each situation is different and time is relative. But, what is a fact is that we must move forward with our life, no one is indispensable in your life more than yourself.


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