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Plumber, electrician, gas, and mechanic: how much should you pay for each service?

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Few ask when it comes to calling a specialist to fix something in the home, but in the gross domestic product services represent 53%. Is that the focus of those who need gas, plumbers, electricians, installers of air conditioners, platers for the car, painters and repairers in general (of refrigerators, televisions and other devices) is put in two aspects: specify the visit and how much will it cost? On this second item we look for a little light.

If you put the magnifying glass on the ones destined for the car, you can see that the average service is $ 12,500. Remodeling in the house? $9000 while home painting has an average of $ 5,400 (for example, to paint a bathroom). The installation of an air conditioning, one of the most demanded, part of $ 3000, while placing a washing machine round the $ 699 The change or installation of quills, $ 399; installation of gas vents, $ 900; and change / installation of circuit breaker, $ 599.

These values arise from a study by IguanaFix, the platform of on-demand services for homes, businesses and cars in Latin America, which registers in Argentina 17,000 jobs per month. The analysis of prices and costs was prepared by more than 25,000 professionals who are part of this company.

Meanwhile, the top five most used services are: 1) air conditioning service 2) plumber, 3) gas, 4) sheet metal and car paint and 5) home painting. What is the average gain of all these services? $ 1360 (in 2016 it was $ 1200). The average monthly profit, on the other hand, is $ 45,000 (weighting services such as sheet metal and paint, which are very high).

“In principle what you see is that there is a lot of dispersion in the price of services in the country, which generates, in many cases, unfair competition, because the quality of the service with respect to the arrangement is not congruent with the budget,” he explains. Damián Di Pace, director of the Focus Market consultancy, who also participated in the survey.

According to Di Pace, today, unlike other times, where the service provider circulated mouth to mouth or through flyers left under the door of the home, the transmissibility of its provision is valued and shared on social networks, which generates a legitimization of that provider.

Matías Recchia, co-founder and CEO of IguanaFix, says that home trades are categories that do not stop growing and that are being greatly enhanced by the real estate boom. “People who move to a newly built house or apartment have to put floors, paint, install appliances and the same people who remodel your home,” says the executive.

According to IguanaFix, the main places that required services in 2017 are: City of Buenos Aires, GBA Norte, GBA Oeste, Córdoba and Rosario. Meanwhile, the top 5 neighborhoods of Buenos Aires where jobs are done and their main categories: Palermo (plumbing, installation of air conditioning, gas, paint), Belgrano (installation of air conditioning, plumbing, gas, removals), Recoleta (installation of air conditioning, painting, plumbing, gas) and Núñez (electricity, installation of air conditioning, painting)

Shortage of specialists

On the other hand, in Argentina schools of these trades are needed. Before it was something that was transmitted from father to son, but today many children of people who made these trades, will study for the provision of other services of higher added value that require technical or university training.

Carolina Magariño, general secretary of the Chamber of Wholesale and Industrial Merchants (Cadmira), which has a vocational training center, says that today the subject of trades has been oscillating and that in recent times there has been a drop in the amount of enrolled

Now, Cadmira has smaller courses, with personalized attention to the student. “In addition, the school provides support to entrepreneurs who want to start working on their own, Cadmira today also helps with investment projects so that children can buy their first machine,” says Magariño.


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