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Quitting smoking improves your health… in one day!

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treatment of epoc

We all know that smoking has many negative consequences. It is a cause of cancer, heart disease and pulmonary emphysema, among other diseases. But in spite of the fact that they repeat the damage, for some it is very difficult to stop the addiction to tobacco. We fall again and again; we think that “evil is done” and that, although we leave it, we can not avoid its effects. It is a vicious circle, but you are equiocada. If you leave the cigar you will improve your health in just one day.

Your body fights the cigar

When you finish your last cigarette, your body starts to fight to return its functions to normal and try to reduce the effects. In the first 20 minutes, after you throw that cigarette butt, your heart rate and blood pressure (which is elevated by nicotine) begin to fall.

In the next 12 hours, the toxic carbon monoxide (CO) that the smoke deposited in your blood, decreases and oxygen levels increase. Begin to improve the health of your cells and your circulation. Maybe this does not seem so important, but it is key because only 1% of this TOXIC in your blood, is equivalent to 22% more risk of DEATH.

If you move the cigar out of your life for two months, your CO index in the blood is reduced by more than 17% and this is proven by dozens of studies.

If your body gives the battle, why not?

Around the second week without a cigarette improves the function of your lungs. Inside of them are tiny brushes (called cilia), which are responsible for keeping your lungs dust-free. When you stop smoking, these brushes self-repair, which reduces the risk of respiratory damage.

Bill Blatt, director of the programs against the cigarette of the American Lung Association, says that after five or ten years of not smoking, the risk of dying from a respiratory disease reduced by 18%; for lung cancer, 12% e Even if your lungs have already suffered some damage, when you stop smoking you allow your body to improve them.

A study done in more than 6 thousand smokers with mild pulmonary disease found that, those who abandoned the cigarette, had a mortality rate lower by 46% on those who maintained the habit.

Try it until you get it

It is said easy but the reality is that most people with cigarette addiction require seven to ten attempts to succeed. According to Blatt, you need to find the combination of methods to stop smoking that are right for you. For example, support networks (friends, family, close social circles, the couple), relaxation techniques and even medication. More than “will power”, but if others can, we can all. Try it!


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