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‘Reality show’ models generate indignation for posing as cancer patients


A reality show in Ukraine, similar to the famous “Top Model” produced in the United States and various parts of the world, acquired international fame, not because of the beauty of the girls participating in it, but because for one of his episodes carried out a photo shoot that has generated worldwide indignation.

It turns out that Novi Kanal, the chain that produces this program, published on its Facebook page several of the photos where the contestants appear in a hospital- like room, characterized as people suffering from cancer, showing some repercussions that they leave chemotherapies, such as hair loss.

Several of the models look very glamorous, because they appear very makeup and even, some wearing extremely sensual lingerie, while they are accompanied by their “partners” “in the hospital.”

Immediately, the users of the social network were not slow to send their messages and opinions, showing the rejection that this session causes them, because it seems a real mockery, arguing that apparently, no person from the production of this program, actually he does not know in his own flesh what it means to live or to go through the disease.

The TV channel clarified that at no time did it intend to send any erroneous message to society and even argued that with this work, they only intended to support all those women who are fighting against this evil, under the motto “Cancer is not a condemnation.”


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