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Record your calls on iPhone It was never so simple


Surely on more than one occasion you have asked yourself how you can record a call on iPhone, and that is why you want to keep the conversation. Well, today we bring you a small tutorial that we explain how to record your calls on iPhone very easily.

In addition, you will not need to have the Jailbreak done on the iPhone, nor if you want to install a third-party application. So we do not entertain ourselves anymore and we’ll see the steps to follow to record a call from your iPhone. Let’s go there!

Record your calls on iPhone It was never so simple
iphone 6 on call

Record your calls on iPhone with this little trick!

If you do not have the Jailbreak done to your iPhone you should know that there is a method to record the phone calls on the device where you will not need to download a third party app. The steps to follow are those:

  • Open the Phone app and dial the number you want to call.
  • Once the call is initiated, click on the “Add call” option.
  • Next, call the phone number you are using. You will see that you will be redirected directly to Voicemail.
  • Wait until the welcome message ends and then click on the “Merge calls” button.
  • When doing this, the original call and your own phone number will be combined, and as a result the recording of the call will be made in the voicemail. When you finish the conversation you just have to go to the Voicemail tab, where the recorded conversation will now appear in the list.


Click on the “Share” option next to the “i” icon and select the method you prefer. Voicemail can be shared via iMessage, sent to the Notes app, through AirDrop or attached to an email.

The recording will be saved as an .m4a file, so you’ll have to import it into your computer and convert it to .mp3 format. Finally, do not forget that recording the conversation with another person without their knowing it can lead to some other problem, so it is best to let the other party know what you are doing.


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