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Review: Call of Duty: WWII


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Call of Duty returns to its origins and refreshes its gameplay with a more leisurely and friendly pace for the average player.

In recent years, Call of Duty was transformed into a futuristic video game with so many laser weapons and jetpacks that the series practically ended up unrecognizable. But this year’s edition, developed by Sledgehammer Games, returns the series to its origins.

Yes, this trip greatly refreshes the personality of Call of Duty. The multiplayer feels less chaotic and much more balanced. The zombie mode feels less caricatured and even gains some horror. Even the campaign gains drama.

The bell

The Call of Duty story mode: WWII tells the story of a US soldier involved in the last years of the war. He is a Texan who fights in historical missions such as the landing in Normandy or the siege of the Rhine River. Yes, they are familiar scenes in several of the World War II video games, but with the cinematic narrative of the Activision games achieve an attractive visual experience

The campaign also introduces changes to the usual Call of Duty formula. The most noticeable change is that health is no longer automatically regenerated. That does not necessarily mean that the game is more complex, but you must constantly ask your squadmates first aid kits and ammunition. It’s definitely not as dynamic a focus as Doom’s glory kills, but at least it helps create a sense that it does not really fight on its own.

I must also say that I did enjoy the campaign of this Call of Duty. He had omitted those from the two past deliveries after the second mission. This, however, I completed in about six hours and I especially enjoyed the missions that involved stealth. Possibly the best campaign of all the CoD of this generation.


After a couple of installments in which the multiplayer mode asked clumsy players like me to monitor the roofs and walls as if they were facing xenomorphs, Call of Duty returns to a conflict where the trenches have meaning and the guns look like that and no antennae attached to the arm.

In general, the multiplayer of this edition has a much slower pace.

The wait lobby interface also has a major change inspired by social gaming rooms such as Destiny. This space is called Headquarters and there you can perform activities to kill time before the next game starts; For example, you can open modifier packages, acquire specific challenges such as X number of casualties with a weapon to add more experience and, my favorite, confrontation 1 vs. 1.

Call of Duty: WWII also makes an adjustment to its classic class system. Instead of asking the player to create a character from his base, there are five preexisting ones that can be modified. The friendliest for new players is infantry, quite useful for short and medium range training.


As has happened with past deliveries, Zombies could be the most entertaining way of Call of Duty: WWII. For beginners, this mode requires you to survive groups of enemies that become more aggressive, resilient and numerous as you advance and unlock new areas of the map.

Outside of the obvious change of scenery to World War II, the Zombies mode of this edition adds a tutorial when playing alone and the setting is much more somber, almost as if you were playing a game of horror. This mode is the most solid in WWII.


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