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ROM Google Edition for the Samsung Galaxy S8 without bloatware and very fluid

samsung s8 plus
samsung s8 plus

Would you like to enjoy all the features of a Samsung Galaxy S8, but at the same time of the light and fluid software of the Nexus and current Google Pixel? That is what the Google Edition custom ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S8 tries to offer, although without renouncing the aesthetic features of Samsung Experience, Samsung’s renewed graphic layer.

There was a moment in the history of Android that Google promoted -although in a very limited way- the commercialization of non-Nexus smartphones with Android stock operating system, without graphic layers. Sony, Samsung, HTC, Motorola or LG were some of the manufacturers that lent themselves to such a need. However, it was a project without any success.

In spite of everything, it was an initiative that had many followers at the time because they were a commercial option that allowed to enjoy the hardware and features of other manufacturers, regardless of the Nexus, but at the same time the fluidity and advantages of having native Android, see issues of system fluidity and receiving updates quickly. Today, we have a proposal in the form of ROM to rescue in some way the Google Edition concept.Start screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 ROM Google Edition

Google Edition ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S8

As we already anticipated, the Google Edition ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S8 tries not only to rescue the Google Edition concept, but at the same time it powers it with the best weapons of the current Samsung Experience graphical interface of the manufacturer.

This is what the various captures that you can see throughout the article show. In them are flashes of the native interface of Android and currently show the Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2. On the other hand, the ROM does not ignore the basis offered by the aesthetics and functionality of Samsung Experience, either in the section of the notifications as in the system adjustments.Notification system on the Samsung Galaxy S8 ROM Google Edition

Many tweaks

However, the graphic part is not the only optimized section in this Google Edition ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S8. In turn, the developers who have carried out the initiative have embodied in the firmware a multitude of additions that potential the fluidity and, therefore, the user experience of the system.

In the first place, a large part of Samsung’s native applications, bloatware, have been eliminated, something that affects not only the ease of the system, but autonomy.

In the same way, the list of changes is very broad and includes a host of improvements and optimizations that affect all the features and hardware of both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 +.Android version on which the Samsung Galaxy S8 ROM Google Edition is based

Based on the latest kernel and firmware version of Samsung (AQK7) and with the November security patch, it is deodexed and supports Aroma Installer. It also includes Magisk and SuperSU, as well as a private mode and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 software suite optimized for the S Pen pointer.

Of course, it includes Google Apps to give the system the user experience closest to a Google Edition smartphone.

Download and installation

Do you want to try the Google Edition ROM for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus? It is only necessary to install the recovery TWRP and proceed with the installation of the ROM from ODIN and the zip file offered by the developer. If you are willing to give it a try, you have the rest of the instructions, as well as download links and recommendations in the following link.


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