Home Entertainment RUMOR: Is Jake Gyllenhaal the new Batman?

RUMOR: Is Jake Gyllenhaal the new Batman?

Matt Reeves would have thought of the actor to play Bruce Wayne in 'The Batman' in case Ben Affleck decided to hang up the cape.

Jake Gyllenhaal

We already told you yesterday that Gotham was falling apart. According to journalist John Campea, Matt Reeves would have already thought of an actor to play Bruce Wayne in The Batman in case Ben Affleck decided not to participate in the film: “I talked to a Hollywood producer yesterday and he told me who he wants Matt Reeves as Batman. ” And now we know what actor he was referring to.

As Campea told on her YouTube program, The John Campea Show, Reeves would want Jake Gyllenhaal to lead the Dark Knight franchise if Affleck decided to hang the cape. As we said yesterday, it is impossible to discern if these rumors are minimally reliable by not knowing the sources of Campea.

However, according to Screen Rant journalist Rob Keyes, Gyllenhaal would have met with Reeves not long ago. It should also be remembered that the actor already auditioned to play the same character in Batman Begins, of Christopher Nolan. Moreover, although Christian Bale ended up giving life to Wayne, his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal did appear in The Dark Knight. Jake Gyllenhaal also sounded in his day to replace Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man.


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