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Samsung has to pay Apple 119 million dollars for its “slide to unlock”

Samsung has to pay Apple 119 million dollars for its “slide to unlock”

In the world of technology, and in relation to lawsuits, Apple and Samsung are like Tom and Jerry. Although in this case we speak of a Jerry comparable in size to Tom and that not only defends himself. Here all attack all and any patent minimally infringed, or the suspicion that this infringement has been committed, is enough for both animals to come face to face in the courts.

One of the cases that takes more time between the two is the patent for something as simple as the “slide to unlock”, the “slide to unlock” we see in the Anglo-Saxon iPhone. Samsung placed a similar system on their phones; Apple considered that it went against their patent and organized brawl. A brawl that has now been decided in favor of the Cupertino.

In the new episode of the soap opera, Samsung pays Apple

Already in 2014, a California jury sentenced Samsung to pay 119 million dollars to Apple as compensation for infringement of patents. It was this same case that concerns us today and that Samsung appealed, although the new ruling is again contrary to the wishes and interests of the South Koreans.

At the time, Apple considered that Samsung had infringed up to five patents registered by its company. Specifically, there was talk of the patent 5,946,647 on fast links, of the patent 6,847,959 on universal search in the telephone, of the patent 7,761,414 on the synchronization in the background in Samsung phones, of the patent 8,046,721 on the famous slide to unlock and the patent 8,074,172 on word suggestions on Samsung keyboards.

The court has already sentenced Samsung to the payment of 119 million dollars for patent infringement, but the judgment was appealed three years ago

The resolution issued by the California court in charge of the case ruled that neither the universal search patent nor the synchronization in the background were infringed on any of Samsung’s terminals, although with the rest there was material to be cut. Especially since the court considered that Samsung was infringing the other patents consciously.

Samsung appealed to Google because the Mountain View had declared that they would financially support the Koreans in their battle against Apple, thanks to the various collaboration agreements between them, but the aid was denied because they were not patents infringed by Android but by the proprietary systems of Samsung.

Now, three years later, the sentence is reaffirmed and Samsung will be obliged to face the payment of those 119 million dollars that the court ruled in favor of Apple. We will see what happens next because it is not yet known that there will be a new charge from Samsung to try to restore their interests. Recall that the first 930 million dollars paid by Samsung and were reduced by almost half, subtracting 400 million dollars of the total amount. It will touch wait.


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