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Samsung is preparing a smartphone battery that can be charged in less than 15 minutes

Technological innovation, which is not yet ready to be commercialized, uses graphene, considered by many as the material of the future.



What if your smartphone battery could fully charge in less than 15 minutes? This sweet dream could soon become a reality after Samsung, which has just presented a graphene battery project.

In a press release, Samsung says it has developed a new type of material, more efficient and faster than traditional lithium batteries. The electronics giant says the material, called a “graphene ball,” could allow a battery to charge up to five times faster than a lithium battery.

A mobile phone that takes an hour to load, could, theoretically, take less than 15 minutes to do the same thing with this new technology. Even better, these little balls could allow batteries to hold up to 45% more capacity, for the same size as those found in our smartphones.

The “graphene balls” seen from very close.Samsung

Samsung is far from being the only company interested in the properties of graphene, a derivative of graphite, produced through carbon. The possibilities of what is sometimes called the “wonderful material” would be almost endless. In addition to batteries, it could also help make our solar panels indestructible or used to create foldable smartphones.

But the technology developed by Samsung could also be useful for the electric car industry. “We have been able to significantly increase the charging capacity of lithium batteries, while the market for mobile devices and electric vehicles is growing very fast,” said Son In-Hyuk, one of the researchers, in a statement .

Samsung has not yet released any release date for these new batteries, but has filed several patents and published its research in the scientific journal Nature. The South Korean company promises that its technology will be “cheap and easy to produce”. We hope to see it arrive one day in our pockets.


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