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Samsung mocks the iPhone X and Apple in its latest video

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The war between the two major mobile phone companies remains open. The last blow has been crowded by Koreans a few hours ago. Samsung has published a new ad that makes fun of the iPhone X, and does so by highlighting the failures of the new mobile Cupertino boys with which they celebrate their tenth anniversary.

This translates into the loss of confidence of users, who consider that Samsung is better than Apple . Thus, during the sixty seconds of the video we see an Apple fanboy who comes in 2007 to buy the first phone of the brand. He likes the apple company so much that he repeats and continues to acquire his models.

However, the failures of the iPhone X and the absence of some notable features, which incorporate their rivals, make you change your mind and opt for the competition.

The iPhone X has been generating months of great expectation, time before its introduction to be the smartphone that commemorates the ten years of the company. From its screen, its design, its characteristics – highlighting the Face ID or facial recognition – and even the price – for many exorbitant; for Tim Cook affordable if we give up coffee.

However, those who believed that Apple is better than Samsung have been disappointed. Among other things, the criticism of the iPhone X is focused on not yet having a touch screen pen – the Galaxy Note series includes the S Pen -, not being water resistant (up to the iPhone 7) and not coming with a port jack for headphones – just like Google’s Pixel 2 .

Some weaknesses have wanted to highlight the Koreans in their new ad titled “Growing Up”, highlighting the failures iPhone X. To curl the curl more, Samsung culminates his mockery of the iPhone X in the hair of another Apple fanboy who waits in line to buy the iPhone X, simulating the interface of Apple’s new mobile.

The result: the kid who ten years ago waited in the queue of the App Store to buy Apple’s new mobile phone, ten years later does not stop when he passes on the day the iPhone X goes on sale. “On the side” and has decided to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


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