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Samsung Smart TV on offer: 49 inches 4K for less than 700 euros

Samsung Smart TV on offer
Samsung Smart TV on offer

If you were thinking of buying a 4K TV, you will be interested to know the offer of the Samsung UE49MU7055T that just started on Amazon: in a few words, we are facing a 49-inch 4K TV that offers everything you could ask right now to a TV for the living room. To give you an idea of ​​the magnitude of the offer that we are going to tell you, this TV usually costs more than one thousand euros (€ 1,199, to be exact), but right now – and until the units are sold out – if you are Prime you can buy it for 699 euros on Amazon.

This Samsung 4K TV is the model  UE49MU7055T , and quiet, do not be overwhelmed watching this numbering so long because that sea of ​​letters and numbers comes to tell us the following: it is a version that has been manufactured in Europe ( EU ), is 49 inches ( 49 ), is a model of the year 2017 ( M ), is Ultra HD ( U ), belongs to the series 7055 and the only thing that reveals the last letter is that at least first is not a model that is sold in Spanish territory, although the description of the Amazon product does indicate that this TV is “Spain version”.

In terms of features, the Samsung TV UE49MU7055T  is presented as a 49 “Smart TV with 4Kresolution ( 3,840 x 2,160 pixels ), HDR1000 and different smart TV functions that allow, for example, access to your favorite series of Netflix or Amazon Prime Video through the WiFi connectivity offered by the TV (and its Tizen 3.0 platform) Let’s take a more in-depth look at the specifications of this model.

To begin with, design is already a feature for which this TV draws much attention. It has a screen of infinite design in which the frames practically are not seen, and less still they are appreciated at the distance to which the contents are normally seen in a 49 “TV. The version that is on offer has the carbon gray finish , and all its lines are very careful, with a design that also allows to easily hide the cables.

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The  Samsung MU7055  of 49 inches is a flat TV UHD 4K also has technology HDR1000 , which can play back images on the panel in a much sharper way and, above all, much more faithful to reality. What this technology does is show more accurately the range of light and dark levels of a scene, and it is something that is appreciated from the first second at the time you play a movie or a series with this standard. In addition, this improvement in the image is complemented by Active Crystal Color technology.

Is it the lowest price to which this Samsung TV model has been ? The truth is that yes, but it is a price that Samsung has already used in previous promotions such as the last Cyber ​​Monday (there you could also buy this TV for € 699). Therefore, the fact that it is the same price as during the highlights of the year as the Monday after Black Friday does not mean that it is not an interesting offer. It’s just another opportunity to buy a good TV at a very reasonable price.


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