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#SaveForLater the new Twitter feature to save tweets


Twitter has just launched a new feature to facilitate the user experience. After surprising us a few weeks ago doubling the limit of characters that can be written in a tuit, in the last hours has announced a new feature. We will be able to save for later on Twitter all content that interests us but we can not consult at that time.

This new functionality comes after notable changes in recent months: recently has expanded to 280 characters available for each tweet , stopped counting the mentions within the 140 limits and has released a new interface design.

The new “Save for Later ” Twitter feature has been announced by the company’s product manager through its profile in this microblogging network. In a first tweet, Jess Shah has ensured that this change responds to a request that users have spent time and that will allow them to save the tweets to consult later.

“Save for Later” comes to facilitate the experience of the tweeters by integrating as a native feature within this social network. The company led by Jack Dorsey has detected that when content interests a person, chooses to retuit, mark it as a favorite or send it as a direct message. A process that requires several steps and with this new function are intended to be as simple as possible.

Twitter Lite, the light version is already a mobile application

When we want to make use of the new Twitter function “Save for later” , from any tweet we select the three points located in the bottom right and in the window that emerge we click on “Add to markers” (as we see in the first image ).

To check all the tweets that we have saved, we go to the feed of our Twitter account (house icon) and the second option of the list we will all have gathered.

“Save for Later” will become a feature of the microblogging network that will make it easier to maintain privacy, as Shah says.



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