Did you discover that your partner was unfaithful to you and now he or she will swear by the most sacred that he will not do it again? Before believing his promises, you must know that he cannot fulfill… This has been confirmed by the scientific journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

According to the publication, a person who has been unfaithful will be again. It even ensures that 45% of people, who were unfaithful in a first relationship, will be in the next.

The analysis was carried out through the testimony of 484 American couples between 18 and 40 years. They were consulted for the sexual relations they had had outside the couple and also about whether they had ever suspected they had been cheated.

The result showed that those who had an “adventure” out of their first relationship are three times more likely to commit infidelity with their next partner.

Among the reasons that could explain this phenomenon, one would find that the human brain is accustomed to lie . This has been proven previously by Nature Neuroscience, which through an investigation concluded that little lies over time are desensitizing the brain to negative emotions, making us feel less guilty about it, naturalizing it and falling every time in Bigger lies.

You know, if you are in a relationship, you were unfaithful and you know that you would not be able to endure a second betrayal, then you had better finish, because more promises to you, there are very high chances that you will suffer again.


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