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Science rules that we live in the Matrix

A study based on quantum theory states that it is scientifically impossible for the Universe to be a computer simulation.


That is real? Is the world really as we perceive it? Could reality be just a computer simulation? I mean, do we live in the Matrix? Impossible, according to quantum physics; reality can never be perfectly simulated if quantum complexity is taken into account. This is theoretically proven by a team of scientists from the University of Oxford (UK) because starting from quantum theory, it is not possible to create a computer simulation of the world we live.

In Matrix, reality is a technological simulation created by superpower computers. In light of this study published in the journal Science Advances, a computer so powerful as to contain the entire universe in all its immensity of -complex- manifestations, could not be built. This reality, which became popular in 1999 after the premiere of the film starring Keanu Reeves, remains, therefore, staying in the world of fiction.

Fortunately, the plot of “The Matrix” is not only unlikely but impossible (not with quantum computers, since a simulation with elements at the quantum level could only model a limited number of objects).

Quantum physicists Zohar Ringel and Dmitry Kovrizhin of Oxford University and Hebrew University in Israel came to this conclusion after attempting a computer simulation of a quantum phenomenon occurring in metals and found that such a simulation was impossible because of a matter of principle, because the computational power needed to simulate the universe to the quantum level would require a memory built from more atoms than there are in the universe itself. Proven with the Monte-Carlo method (QMC, quantum Monte Carlo).

In other words, thanks to the immense complexity of the quantum phenomenon, the simulation of the universe as we understand it today is fundamentally an insoluble problem. Thus, if for each extra particle we have to double the number of processors, memory, electricity … of the supercomputer, then this task becomes unacceptable because the quantum universe does not seem to have limits.

Regardless of how this might sound, it is actually good news if you have ever thought that our world could be basically a computer simulation. This means that there is no way for a computer algorithm to make sense of oddities occurring at the quantum level.

“Our work provides an intriguing link between two seemingly unrelated issues: gravitational anomalies and computational complexity. It also shows that Hall’s thermal conductance – Hall Effect – is a true quantum effect: one for which there is no classical local analogue”, explains Zohar Ringel, co-author of the paper.

Being concrete, these results do not show that the universe cannot be a computer simulation but, at least, it could not be a simulation that can be executed in any computer system created by the human being until now. Do you still want to pick the red pill?


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