Home News Science Scientists sent a message in space

Scientists sent a message in space

Scientists sent a message in space

Will we finally know if there are other inhabitants in space? To have an answer, it will still take 25 years…

Communicate with alien potential? That’s what the EISCAT radio antenna is trying to do A future answer? To discover in 25 years…

“Possibly habitable”

The goal is to communicate with potential residents of the GJ 237b exoplanet. Located 12.4 light-years from Earth, this exoplanet are considered one of the closest to the Earth and to be “possibly habitable”, explain the Huffington Post. The antenna of the EISCAT radio then delivered a binary sound signal composed of 0 to 1 for 30 min. Created by the mathematician Hans Freudenthal in 1960, this language allowed “first to conceive the simplest mathematical operations before becoming more complex little by little”.

An in 25 years

But we will have to be patient to know if we have received an answer. Indeed, it will take more than 12 years to signal to reach the target. And exactly the same duration so that maybe the future message comes back. We will see well in 24 or 25 years if GJ 237b is inhabited!


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