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Screen “burned”, late delivery… The laborious beginnings of Google’s Pixel 2

Launched on October 4th, the Google Pixel 2 smartphone is available from 649 dollars (552 euros).

The firm of Mountain View announced Friday to extend to 2 years the manufacturer’s warranty for its latest smartphone Pixel 2. Launched in early October, several testimonials report burning pixels on the screen. All with a delivery delay of up to a month. Back to the complicated beginnings of Pixel 2.

After a launch in great pomp at the beginning of October, the Pixel 2 of Google knows difficult beginnings … The smartphone presents a problem of retention of the image, detected first by the specialized Android Central blog last week. A statement shared by several media, such as the Guardian and The Verge. In question: traces of burnt pixels, called “screen burn-in” in English. These tasks appeared after only one week of handling – while the phenomenon usually occurs after several years of use.

Pixels burned “should not affect normal use”

Other problems listed: rattling during calls or a bad Bluetooth connection between the smartphone and other devices.

“We take very seriously any information about a problem and our engineers are investigating very quickly,” Mario Queiroz, Google vice president of Pixel products, told Reuters last week. “We will say more as soon as we have relevant data,” he assured when opening an internal investigation.

In an attempt to extinguish the fire, Google promised last Friday a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. The phenomenon of burnt pixels “should not affect the normal and daily use of users,” writes Mario Queiroz in a statement. He assures that an update of the Pixel 2 software should remedy this problem in the “next few weeks”.

1% of smartphone market share in the United States

Google has also been pinned by some US customers who paid $ 30 extra for the purchase of the Pixel 2 by a reseller operator Verizon – “an error”, apologized to the search engine that is committed to repay his injured clients. And that’s not all. Google had to lower the price of its adapter, to connect the Pixel 2 speakers, 20 to 9 dollars to align with the similar product from Apple. To top it off, the firm of Mountain View warned by email, a week ago, buyers to warn them of a delay in delivery of their Pixel 2 for up to a month, at the end of November, according to the AndroidPolice blog.

So it is a confusing launch for Google, who wants to find a place in the smartphone market. The US giant held 1% of smartphone market share in the US in the second quarter, against 32% for Apple and 32% for Samsung – according to an IDC study.


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