Home Technology Seagate technology will double the speed of HDD hard drives

Seagate technology will double the speed of HDD hard drives

Seagate technology will double the speed of HDD hard drives
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Seagate has unveiled its new Multi-Actuator technology, an advance that can double the speed of its next-generation HDD hard drives. The technology is based on adding an additional actuator or arm, which allows the performance of the unit to be twice as fast as in conventional HDDs.

The actuator is the component that moves the hard disk heads to read and write the data . The units that we currently have are equipped with a single actuator, which is responsible for moving all read and write heads. This technology will help unlock additional IOPS ( Input / Output Operations Per Second ), greatly optimizing HDD performance.

In its first generation, Seagate Multi Actuator technology will integrate two actuators operating in a single pivot , and each of them will control half of the arms of the variator. Half of the recording heads in the unit will work together, while the other half will operate independently as if it were a separate unit.

Thanks to this, the hard disk can double its performance and speed , while maintaining the capacity invariable. This is because the unit has the ability to execute multiple operations at the same time, which means that work is done faster.

Therefore, the new technology will allow Seagate HDDs to offer the same storage capacity as before (the company plans to launch units of 40 TB by 2023  and currently has 12 TB hard drives for the domestic market) but with support to access data much more quickly.

“Our multi-actuator solution is based on proven technology and conforms to current standards, so it will be connected and installed in today’s infrastructure,” said James Borden, Seagate’s lead Product Strategist.


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