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Signs that tell you if your partner fantasizes about another woman


Realize if your partner brings another woman in mind, today it is very simple, the reasons why it does can be very varied and personal, so each relationship has its story.

Much is said that a man never stops thinking about other women, whether or not they are with their partner, even being in love can feel attraction for other people.

If you are going through this situation but are not completely sure, here we leave 5 signs that betray men when they fantasize about other women:

1- You feel “controlled” by you. He is always complaining that you want to “dominate” him or warns you that no one can take away his freedom, that he does what he wants and that no matter what you say. This is a way of saying that if you want you can cheat and you cannot complain. Lamentable, in a healthy relationship exists the individual freedom, but with respect.

2- It asks you to change the way you look. He wants you to become the woman who is fantasizing, so he asks you to change the way you dress and how you dress.

3- She seems to have more friends than you. She is always talking about friends from childhood, school and work. Remember: Neuman’s research showed that 40 percent of infidels found their lover at work. Close personal relationships with people of the opposite sex should be avoided.

4- Visit adult sites. It is said that it is normal for men to see pornography at some point in their life because they are more visual and direct, but it becomes a real problem when this practice becomes an obsession and prefers to visit these XXX sites to have intimacy with you.

5 – Discussions increase. Before they had a great time and in the last few months they discuss everything.


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