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Skype adds Signal’s end-to-end encryption for text, audio, photos and video

Skype adds Signal's end-to-end encryption for text, audio, photos and video
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Skype is the client of instant messaging of Microsoft, client that, in spite of being similar to WhatsApp, in fact its main strong point is the calls of voice and the video calls, mainly within the business sector. Security in all messaging applications is vital if we want to make sure that our communications remain constantly secure and that nobody, neither Microsoft nor an external person can access them. In order to make your tool a bit more secure, Microsoft has just announced the arrival of end-to-end encryption to its messaging client.

A few hours ago, Microsoft announced the launch of Skype (version, for now, for Insider users) whose main novelty is a new end-to-end encryption function for all private chats that we start on the platform. This new Skype encryption uses the Signal protocol of Open Whisper Systems, which guarantees total privacy and, really, encryption guarantees that the data is only deciphered at the ends of conversations and never at an intermediate point of communication.

How Skype’s new end-to-end encryption works

As we have said, in order to use this new encryption it is necessary that we have installed on our computer Skype, the latest version of Insider development of the messaging client.

If we already have this new version, we can choose the option “New private conversation” from the section create new conversation to send the recipient an invitation to a new private chat room and fully encrypted. As far as the receiver accepts this request, we will automatically join a new chat room whose content (both the messages and the audio, video and photo files that we send) will be sent encrypted from end to end.

To delete a conversation, the process is the same as for any other chat, that is, we will press the “leave conversation” button from the chat header and that’s it.

Limitations of Skype end-to-end encryption

The increase in privacy when establishing these chats is considerable, however, it has an important limitation, and that is that users will only be able to use these private chats from a single device at the same time. If we want, we will be able to change the private conversation to another device easily, but the messages will not be synchronized, but will only be visible from the device we were using at the time of receiving them.

Invitations for private chats last only 7 days. If at that time the other person has not agreed to participate, this invitation will disappear.

As we said, this new encryption is only available for Skype Insider users. From the previous link we can download this version for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android or iOS. End-to-end encryption will also reach the UWP version of Skype, although, for the time being, this version is not available.

We also do not know when this encryption will reach all Skype users without having to be Insider users.


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