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Slanted iPhones: a complaint in France for “planned obsolescence”

The case of iPhones voluntarily clamped by Apple takes the thick in France. An association filed a complaint against the American giant.

A French association has filed a lawsuit against Apple for the “planned obsolescence” of its iPhone, after the US giant recently admitted to voluntarily slow down its old models of smartphones, according to a statement released Wednesday.

This complaint was filed Wednesday, with the prosecutor of the Republic in Paris, by the association Stop at planned obsolescence (Hop). It targets Apple and the “planned obsolescence” of its iPhones, after the US giant has recently admitted voluntarily slow down its old models of smartphones.

In his complaint to the press, Hop, who also evokes the head of “deception”, believes that Apple, through the updates of iPhones, voluntarily reduces performance and life, to accelerate replacing. “Apple has put in place a global strategy of obsolescence scheduled to increase sales,” says the association in a statement.

It therefore considers that Apple is likely to be pursued for all iPhones sold in France since the promulgation of the law of August 17, 2015, which introduced the crime of obsolescence scheduled in French law.

A group action in the United States

Last week, the US group, which markets a new model of its flagship phone every year, admitted that it was voluntarily restricting the phone’s performance after a while, in order to “extend the life of the phone” this.

According to him, a decision is made because of the use of lithium-ion batteries which have more difficulty in responding to heavy demands on the telephone user as they age. He came for the first time to confirm rumors about possible slowdowns of iPhones. Recurrent suspicions for years in the specialized press and the many sites dedicated to Apple.

In the United States, a group action was launched last week against the apple brand for the same reasons. In September, Hop had already filed a lawsuit against several printer manufacturers, including HP, Canon, Brother and Epson, for the same reasons. It was then the first complaint in France against the crime of obsolescence scheduled.


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