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Slim your face with this haircut


Did you know that a proper haircut can thin your face up to five kilos at once? It is true! A cut where you can comb with side stripe or with side bangs can be the best trick to make your face look symmetrical oval that we all want. But there are more…

Slim your face with this haircut
cutting hair with scissors

Slender face in a two by three

A proper cut is best for a slim appearance instantly. Harry Josh, international creative consultant at the John Frieda International Salon in New York, says that “combing your side or doing side bangs disguises the round faces”.

The expert adds: “Add volume to the crown gives a thin appearance, the angular cpas framed the face, cut 2-5 centimeters below your jaw camouflage the chin, and straight styles give a long shape.”

Long and side bangs

Let it grow

If you have a round face or want to hide the “cheeks” another important key is the length. Long hair cuts lengthen the face. Add a good fringe (long, do not let it cut too much, much less if you have wavy hair) and interrupts the roundness.

long hair


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