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Snapdragon 670, 640 and 460: Qualcomm SoC features from 2018 leaked

The characteristics of Snapdragon SoC 670, 640 and 460, planned for 2018, have leaked. The first two cities should equip mid-range smartphones next year, while the latter is positioned entry-level. They will complement the Snapdragon 845, already introduced by Qualcomm, which will be offered on most high-end smartphone models of 2018.

Qualcomm Snapdragon
Qualcomm Snapdragon

A leak concerning the Snapdragon 670, 640 and 460 reveals the characteristics of Qualcomm’s three future SoCs, which should equip a lot of smartphones from 2018. This information was revealed on the Chinese social network Weibo. They are therefore to be taken with caution while waiting for the official communication from the manufacturer.

The Snapdragon 670 will be the replacement of the 660. The big novelty is that it will be engraved in 10 nm, against 14 nm for its predecessor. It will ship an octa core CPU consisting of 4 Kryo 360 cores clocked at 2 GHz and 4 cores Kryo 385 clocked at 1.6 GHz. A previous leak spoke about a hexacore, the data diverge on this point. The integration of this SoC mid-range could indicate the arrival of the Quad HD and dual photo sensor on affordable smartphones in 2018.

The characteristics of Snapdragon 670, 640 and 460 unveiled

Still in the mid-range, but a big step below the 670 all the same, the Snapdragon 640 will offer an octa core CPU with two powerful Kryo 360 2.15 GHz coupled to six hearts much more modest: Kryo 360 to 1, 55 GHz. He will be the successor of Snapdragon 630.

Entry level, the Snapdragon 460 does not really dream, but it is clearly not designed to put your eyes on it. It ships 4 Kryo 360 1.80 GHz and 4 Kryo 360 1.40 GHz. Unlike the 670 and 640, it will be engraved in 14 nm.

These three unofficial SoCs therefore join the official Snapdragon 845 for 2018. It will equip most of the flagships of the next year like the Galaxy Note 9, the LG G7 or the OnePlus 6. This is an improved version Snapdragon 835, ubiquitous in 2017, and should especially bluff us in terms of photo and video. The Snapdragon 845 could also appear at the end of 2018 on Windows 10 ARM computers.

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