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Soon we will say hello to the phones with 512GB of capacity: Samsung starts the production of the new eUFS

Samsung Electronics

There was some threat in the past, as in a Microsoft phone with Windows that may never see the light, but it seems that everything that was discussed is about to be fulfilled. The memories of mobile phones do not stop growing but the terabyte medium never arrived , but it is already here and it is a matter of time that it is included in a configuration.

The fault will be, of course, Samsung. The world’s largest semiconductor maker has made the announcement that all those heavy users of smartphones have been waiting for a long time. The 512GB capacity memories are already being manufactured . From the promises we go to the facts and the factories of Samsung already smoke.

New class eUFS


Samsung account that these new memories of 512GB capacity, memories V-NAND fruit of the latest generation developed by Koreans, will be built with 64 layers and will have a controller chip. With this new generation the density of the memories is increased, since the 256GB ones were built with only 48 layers.

We are talking about eUFS memories that promise not only great speed but also being able to face long 4K video recordings, the resolution that most demands the memories of smartphones at the moment. According to the specifications, we will be able to transfer 5GB files to an SSD disk in a matter of six or seven seconds , which means improving the speed of the current microSD by about six times.

According to Samsung officially, in these memories of 512GB we can store up to 130 clips of 10 minutes of video with 4K resolution , 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. It is not small thing. But the new 512GB capacity memory that Samsung is manufacturing is not only bigger and faster but also consumes less power thanks to the new advanced circuit of its V-NAND and memory power manager, also improved for this generation of chips

The eUFS have the capacity to read 42,000 IOPS and write 40,000 IOPS

But not only large transfers live the memories, they also constantly produce scripts and erased small files, and here the new generation of Samsung also promises to face. Up to 42,000 reading operations and 40,000 reading per second thanks to the system of writing and random reading of these eUFS memories that, as we say, are already in production.

Now we just have to wait to see which mobile phone is the first to implement them. This year we have already had manufacturers such as ASUS, Xiaomi or Apple that have offered models with 256GB of capacity, it is a question of time that some of them double capacities. And since they are already in production, will 2018 be the year we see the first mobile phone arrive with 512GB of memory?


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