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Spain also denounces Apple for slowing down the iPhone

Spain also denounces Apple for slowing down the iPhone
Spain also denounces Apple for slowing down the iPhone

We have already known cases in the United States, Israel and France where they have denounced Apple for slowing down the terminals and hiding it from their customers, now Spain joins through FACUA.

They denounce before the Office of the Prosecutor a possible crime of fraud by Apple for slowing down the older iPhone.

Although Apple already asked for forgiveness and offered a solution so that all those affected could change the battery of their terminals for a price of 29 euros, for many users it is not enough, where they feel cheated and cheated by understanding that Apple forced them to renew their terminals .

Apple asked forgiveness

Tim Cook and the Apple Watch
Tim Cook at the Apple Watch presentation

On the one hand, FACUA clearly sees two crimes committed by the technological giant, one against consumers and another for cybercrime, explained El Confidencial Rubén Sánchez, spokesperson for Facua.

“We believe that Apple has been able to commit two crimes, one against consumers, for possible fraud, since they have added a ‘software’ to intentionally manipulate the useful life of the phones without informing the users, and another possible crime of damages or computer sabotage, for altering a product modifying its computer system, without asking for express permission to the clients “

France also denounced those of Cupertino and will begin the investigations to verify if indeed, it committed some type of crime. The difference between France and Spain is that “here the administration crosses its arms”, affirms the FACUA spokesperson.

The criminal lawyer, explained in Teknautas that the Californians hid information to their clients in order to enrich themselves:

“In that case it would be a massive fraud. They argue that they did it for the good of the client, but it is clear that the final result in many cases was that people ended up changing their phone or battery. We will have to see what comes out in the expert investigations, but I think the case may have a tendency to prosper in France and Spain.”

If the Prosecutor’s Office finds sufficient grounds to commit one or several crimes, the jurisdiction will be a court, where, possibly, it is processed by the National High Court, since this problem has a state scope.

If the prosecution does not find sufficient reasons, simply file it and Apple will remain in the retina of its customers as the company that effectively applied the obsolescence programmed into their devices. An open secret that was confirmed and makeup a few days ago.


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