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Special Christmas: GIFS, images, phrases and congratulations for WhatsApp


Christmas Eve, and then  Christmas and in just a few days we will have  New Year’s Eve and a few hours later  New Year. If with a little luck – or the otherway around – WhatsApp does not fall, it’s time to make our  congratulations and things are not like when we used SMS. No, now we have many more resources to  congratulate Christmas in an original way. It does not matter if you want an original message or if what you are looking for is the perfect GIF to surprise the rest. We tell you  where to find them.

Now that we have  WhatsApp, or Telegram, or similar… we are no longer as limited as with SMS messages. There are a series of  tricks to congratulate Christmas that you should know and that will help you not to spend all  Christmas Eve stuck to your mobile. Also, I’m sure you start a smile with more than one, or even some laughter; it is really easy to find the  most original GIFs to congratulate Christmas, and in this little  Christmas guide we are going to tell you everything you need to know.

GIFs for WhatsApp: congratulate Christmas with animated images

GIPHY is the ‘God of GIFs’, and your best ally to  congratulate Christmas on WhatsApp in the most original way possible. Of course, you’re going to have to squeeze your brain a little to find  animated images that you really like. The thing is as simple as  a search engine in which we can write exactly what we want to find, and the only complication is  what to put here, but we give you some ideas:

In addition to looking for  Christmas GIFs with the web browser, remember that you also have an  application for Android and iOS, so you can share those images animated  by WhatsApp more quickly and comfortably and if you do not find enough that offer you in this web and application, in Tenor you have another giant library of GIF images to  congratulate Christmas for WhatsApp and of course, they also have a specific application for your mobile device.

Original images to send by WhatsApp on Christmas Eve and Christmas

If what we want is something simpler, and perhaps more sober, then we can resort to  Christmas images and pictures, which can also be  sent by WhatsApp in a very simple way. Now, where do I find them? The best thing is to resort to a  bank of images, and many are available to  congratulate Christmas.

merry christmas dp for whatsapp

merry christmas dp for whatsappIn Pixabay you have a specific section of photographs with Christmas motif. Of course, if you want to be the most original among your friends, family or colleagues, you can also choose an application to congratulate Christmas. The next one is called ‘Christmas photo frames’ and it serves for something as simple as  applying a Christmas frame to your photos , and sending them with special filters.

Memes with Christmas motive

In addition to all the above, you also have a  creator of Christmas memes in the form of an application. So as you can see, whatever you may have imagined your  Christmas greeting to send by WhatsApp, you can get it with these tools and those that we continue to teach you below.

Christmas memes photos
Christmas memes photos
Price: Free

Texts, phrases and messages to send by WhatsApp

Yes, it would be ideal if you write the  Christmas message for WhatsApp, but it is a day of preparation for some, and relaxation for others, and we are not all very original. So if you want an  easy resource to congratulate Christmas Eve or Christmas of your  WhatsApp contacts, you can solve it with an application that has  texts and phrases:

Frases de Navidad
Frases de Navidad
Developer: Apps AFS
Price: Free



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