Home Health Speed ​​up your metabolism with a towel… in 10 minutes!

Speed ​​up your metabolism with a towel… in 10 minutes!

Speed ​​up your metabolism with a towel
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Let’s start lowering the waist with this easy routine that will only take you 10 minutes.

2 minutes warm-up

Put your favorite music, stand with your feet separated at the height of your hips.

Start by heating with a towel. Stretch it with both hands and carry it above your head, while moving the waist from one side to the other.

You have to do the arms, hip, put abdomen and breathe inhaling through the nose, exhaling through the mouth.

2 minutes repeated movement sideways

Do the same movement of hip and towel but instead of going from one side to another followed, alternates two on one side and two on the other.

2 minutes 4 hip movements

Same exercise but with four movements per side. The elbow should be as close as possible to the hip. It seems simple, but with this you will work your waist very well.

2 minutes waist rotation

With the towel still on top of the head, rotate the torso, but make sure your legs stay firm on the floor.

Do not move your hips, only your shoulders, waist and elbows. Take care of your breathing Make sure your abdomen is contracted.

Go from one side to another in a slow but well executed, then ends with 20 followed by fast twists and followed.

2 minutes trunk side

Move sideways, but unlike the first exercise, this time do not move the hips, just the trunk.

Start with repeated movements, then twice per side, increase to four and return to continuous movements.

Did you think you needed a lot of equipment for your exercise routine?

You’re wrong!


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