Home Technology Automotive Suzuki could be preparing a small displacement pump: the GSX-R300

Suzuki could be preparing a small displacement pump: the GSX-R300

Suzuki could be preparing a small displacement pump
Suzuki could be preparing a small displacement pump

If the other day we talked about something that had leaked something very interesting in Suzuki under the name of GSX-700T and that could be your expected half-displacement turbocharged motorcycle, in that list that gathered the news that would soon reach the dealers in a meeting with the template of Greece there was something more.

Along with the renewal of motorcycles such as the GSXS-1000, the GSX-R600 and GSX-R750 and the oversight of whether or not a renewed Hayabusa will arrive (not new, renewed, so forget that it is turbo) since in the list appeared between interrogations, hiding something else. Within the sports there was a new name: Suzuki GSX-R300.

The Suzuki GSX-R300 could be more powerful, more robust and lighter

Suzuki Gsx R300 2018 5

Although the Japanese brand has launched the Suzuki GSX-R250 less than a year ago, it is actually a motorcycle that has never tried to compete against its counterparts in the segment. Less power, part more modest cycle and a somewhat higher weight have played against him from the beginning, but it could have been a deliberate move.

Okay, maybe it is not by far the most radical of the scale sports, but it is among the cheapest and could be designed to capture sales volume. This offer generates at the same time a niche above that would be the one that could occupy the hypothetical GSX-R300.

Honda Cbr250 Rr 2017 2Honda CBR250RR

more powerful engine, perhaps daring with even a twin cylinder, a part cycle with a more robust chassis, better quality suspensions, more powerful brakes and less kilos on the scale could make up the recipe chosen by Hamamatsu. It sounds to you, right? It’s the same move that Honda did with the CBR250RR, which, unfortunately, has not yet reached our market.

If Suzuki finally succeeded in this kind of sport in miniature could be a good boost for a brand that continues to have the popular approval and could also resume the competition in the WSBK which is now absent if homologate his mount for the category of Supersport 300.

Not everything is flowers in the Suzuki garden

Suzuki Gsx R300 2018 4

Now, there are also reasons to doubt that all this is true. On the one hand, the denominations written in the alleged filtered capture do not agree with the corporate denominations (GSXR-600 versus GSX-R600) and, in addition, Suzuki has been dizzy for years with the subject of the turbocharged motorcycle without reaching anything, so It can be as true as the opposite.

Actually Suzuki is not at its best in shape precisely to walk launching risky models equipped with turbocharging, something that may not be noticed by the public who may see more a problem in the forced aspiration to achieve powers in conventional lighter models and, predictably, cheap.

Suzuki Gsx R300 2018 3

At the same time, this constitutes sufficient argumentation to justify the existence of a small sport. Why? Easy: In the old continent the low-capacity sports cars for the A2 do not have too much market and the one they have is conditioned in their fight against other more powerful models that are limited / unlimitable. In Asia, on the other hand, the scenario is completely different.

What we find here expensive motorcycles for what they offer, in the Asian market (accustomed to air-cooled scooter of low displacement and the like) suppose an enormous mass of aspirational motorcycles of last technology and dream features.

Suzuki Gsx R300 2018 6

In addition, with a very low percentage of the population of countries such as Thailand, Indonesia or India want this type of motorcycles and supposes a potential audience that exponentially exceeds the Western. That is, if a few are sold here, although in Asia the same market share is sold, they would actually be placing thousands of units.

At the moment we have to wait, but what is clear is that Suzuki has to move tab.



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