Home Technology Telegram will launch its own cryptocurrency in 2018

Telegram will launch its own cryptocurrency in 2018

Apparently the rise of digital currencies will continue in 2018 and now it is Telegram who will join this trend.


With the recent “Bum” of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, new digital currencies have begun to emerge looking for the same fate and everything indicates that Telegram will now launch its own currency, which will be named after Gram.

This news – unconfirmed – came about thanks to the statements of a former Telegram employee, Anton Rozenberg, who mentioned the following plans of the company, which in addition to continuing to support his messenger, will create a new division called Telegram Open Network (TON) where a more sophisticated version of the existing Blockchain technology will be presented.

This apparently means that the platform can be integrated natively with different messaging applications-in addition to Telegram. The platform will be based on light wallets, so users will not have to download a large and difficult to manage Blockchain.

In addition to that TON will not have to wait for a start-up period of several years, as to integrate with all users of Telegram, which according to the messenger reach 180 million users, may enter into operation almost immediately. For now, we have to wait for the arrival of the new year to know the new facet of the company behind the messenger who will not rest until snatching the throne from WhatsApp.


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