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The 5 best teas to relieve cough

Peppermint is excellent for dissolving mucus, lemon is a very effective antibiotic, while thyme is a great antimicrobial.

The 5 best teas to relieve cough
The 5 best teas to relieve cough

We would like everything to be different. But the truth is that the pollution is wreaking havoc on our health. One of its consequences is the appearance of an annoying cough, for no apparent reason. In addition, it is usually accompanied by a strange dark colored mucus.

Both constitute a reaction of the body before the entrance of an element considered enemy. Therefore, the body produces these spasms and fluids. In this way you try to make sure that the dust and harmful substances do us the least possible damage.

However, it is evident that the cough also arises with colds and infections in the area. These circumstances are typical of changes in temperature, a weakened immune system or the spread of a virus. In any case, there are infusions that help us end the cough, as well as mucus.

What are the best teas to relieve cough?

1. Infusion of thyme

Singers and professionals who use their voice a lot often resort to thyme tea. No wonder, since this boil provides many benefits for the affections of the speech device and the lungs.

It is also a great anti-inflammatory; In addition to reducing pain, it is very healing, as it attacks the root of the problem.

It works as an antibacterial. Therefore, if you have a microbe that is causing the cough, try to strike it down.

2. Lemon tea with honey and cinnamon

As we have said on numerous occasions, lemon is a very effective antibiotic. However, its acidity may be too aggressive to apply directly to angina.

Consequently, it is best to find a partner that softens this feature. Honey, in addition to reducing the stinging caused by citrus fruits, also has an enormous capacity to fight against bacteria. It also works as a protective film.

For its part, cinnamon is a perfect antimucolytic. At the same time, it reinforces the properties of the other ingredients.

3. Peppermint tea

Among the teas to relieve the cough, mint tea is a star. Especially when you have complications to breathe. This is because it is a specialist in dissolving mucus.

Sometimes, breathing becomes complicated because it is too thick. Thus, it is more complicated to expel mucus, since it adheres more easily to the respiratory tract.

Of course, mint tea  has great power to counteract the inflammation and infections behind these symptoms. However, if you want to intensify its benefits, we recommend that you add a little cinnamon stick.

4. Rooibos tea with lemon

Those who do not have allergies, usually relate to sneezing or rashes. However, many other symptoms can occur, such as coughing. Well, if this is your case, we recommend rooibos tea with lemon.

This infusion is a spectacular antihistamine , so it is a good instrument to control the manifestations of this ailment.

On the other hand, it is rich in a set of minerals that allow us to have a strong immune system, so it is also a great complement for colds and flu.

5. Ginger tea with honey

The aforementioned cough-relieving teas have a great flavor. However, ginger has a spicy touch that hits many people, especially when it comes to an infusion. Even so, we advise you to give him an opportunity because his qualities are innumerable.

In this case, its value as an anti-inflammatory draws attention. The speed of healing will be greater, and therefore, the disappearance of pain will be much quicker.

As it happens with the previous alternatives, it favors the dissolution of the snot. This means that we will be acting to improve ourselves from inside to outside, an essential issue to fight against coughing.

You can use these teas to relieve cough, whether it is a chronic condition or a conjunctural one. When consuming them you will not suffer side effects, unless you are allergic to any of the components. A good option is to keep them in a thermos and take it with us to use them throughout the day.


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