Home Technology The 5 essential ingredients for an effective Facebook ad

The 5 essential ingredients for an effective Facebook ad

Analysts believe that the ad format most accepted by consumers is that video whose duration does not exceed 6 seconds

The 5 essential ingredients for an effective Facebook ad
The 5 essential ingredients for an effective Facebook ad

The latest data from Advertising Bureau report that digital ads will have an investment of 237 billion dollars in 2018 globally, while Facebook and Google control 83 percent of the industry, with the social network being the second platform with the highest generation of web traffic.

While more than 3 thousand 500 million people in the world have Internet access, Facebook has about 2 thousand 100 million users, so what an ad in the social network equals a global projection. Figures from the company say that the video format will be the most watched in 2020 in 75 percent of mobile devices.

According to ShuttleRock.com, video formats will be the main vehicle of brands to advertise on Facebook, so the next announcements should be designed to be seen on computers and mobile devices. For this, the brands must follow the following steps:

Correct length The duration of a video will depend on the objectives of the brand and its audience, but the current trend is 6 seconds in duration, since netizens have little time and a lot of content to see. Specifically, 70 percent of the target “is on the move and is looking for short videos, so 70 percent of the video ads should last around 6 seconds.

Scalability The traditional approach to video ads was a commercial 30-second pre-roll, and consumers saw them because they had no choice and now that they have it on Facebook, brands must work harder to prevent their customers from seeing fatigue. long, however, the investment is not less, because 20 years ago a company like Pepsi created 4 pieces a year with an investment of 2 billion dollars and in the era of social networks, brands launched from 400 to 4 thousand ads per year and its budget amounts to 20 billion dollars.

Quality. The stories are the same, but the focus should always be different. With the transition to short video ads, more creativity is required. The good news is that 6 seconds is a reasonable time to communicate a story.

Video structure Video ads on Facebook must have a structure, from always integrating the design to be seen on smartphones, as well as a story that allows you to understand the video in silence, since the users of this social network have the possibility to turn off the sound, so including subtitles is a good idea. Specifically, from the first second, the campaign must capture attention.

Test and update. Much creativity in the design of an ad on Facebook is subjective, but the good news is that being a social network, the content can be corrected almost in real time. Tools like Shuittlerock allow you to create instant videos from your photos for 6-second campaigns.


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