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The 5 jobs that will disappear when the autonomous car arrives

Autonomous car
Professions that will disappear with the autonomous car

The autonomous car is around the corner. Until some time ago it was only a distant concept and rather typical of science fiction movies, but autonomous driving has advanced at breakneck speed in recent years, to such an extent that companies such as Google are already offering transport services. passengers without a driver But talking about this technology is also tantamount to accepting a harsh reality: with this unstoppable advance in technology,  many jobs will be lost in the coming decades .

That robots are going to take away our jobs is a reality. Technology is much more efficient than human beings in all senses: it does not get bad, it does not have to rest on weekends, nor does it have to comply with regulations on labor rights. The autonomous car can be circulating on the highway 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and that is clearly a very tempting alternative for large companies.

As our Top Gear motor colleagues pick up , as soon as we get to level 5 autonomous driving (that is, the maximum level: when the car is already capable of making all the decisions for itself) there will be radical changes in the professions current

5 professions that will disappear with the autonomous car

By the time a car is able to drive on its own, where will professional drivers be? And if they are cars in which you can guarantee that you will never have accidents, what will happen to the sheet metal and paint shops? Let’s see which professions are most at risk of disappearing at the moment when this technology reaches its peak.

1. Traffic agents

Traffic agents© Provided by Axel Springer Spain Traffic agents

Why risk the life of a traffic agent who is exposed on the road warning drivers of a traffic accident, if the autonomous cars will be connected to each other and, therefore, can be anticipated many kilometers away? a danger on your way? Not to mention the fines, which will completely lose their raison d’etre at the time when there are only cars without drivers on the roads. Unless you are hacked , your car will never exceed the speed limits.

2. Sheet metal and painting workshops

Workshop© Provided by Axel Springer Spain Workshop

In a world in which cars drive themselves, the situations of danger that drivers face on a daily basis will practically disappear from one day to the next. Road accidents will be reduced almost to zero with the elimination of the human factor, and if that happens … what will happen to the sheet metal workshop that lives today to fix small bumps, scratches and large sinister Between that, and the little maintenance required by electric cars, it is clear that lifelong workshops must reinvent themselves in order to survive this revolution.

3. Insurance expert

Traffic accident© Provided by Axel Springer Spain Car accident

If from here to the next decades there comes a time when there are no more casualties among the cars, and even if there are all resolved by reviewing the multiple security cameras carried by each autonomous car (as well as the records of its advanced computer system), the profession of the insurance expert that today must analyze traffic accidents to identify the culprit will also take a back seat. Even to this day, the systems of the cars are serving to clarify the reasons for an accident.

4. Distributors, taxi drivers, truck drivers …

All the work done today by the people who drive the steering wheel of a car is likely to be replaced by a vehicle without a driver . Companies like Uber are investing millions of dollars in preparing a fleet of autonomous cars, and their long-term goal is that their passenger transport services are formed solely and exclusively by cars with no one at the wheel. This also applies to many other professions such as delivery, trucker, bus driver …

5. … and not only by land: also by air and sea

NASA plane© Provided by Axel Springer Spain NASA Plane

But the autonomous car, if we understand it as a concept of a vehicle that does not need a person at the controls to move, will also be a before and after in many other means of transport: airplanes, ships, trains … all of them capable of being handled one hundred percent by a machine, and not by a human. This revolution has already started on a small scale with the autonomous drones, but it will surely go over in the coming years.


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