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The 5 most famous dogs and cats on Instagram

These dogs and cats are authentic celebs on Instagram, accumulate millions of followers, have their own apps, books and sell from cups to cat toys.


Some of these famous faces had a past of abandonment and shelter of animals, others have only known the best of life but these dogs and cats have in common their overwhelming success in Instagram. Let them unfold the red carpet…


The Instagram account of this small pomeranian adds a whopping 4.3 mm followers. His look like a real plush has dazzled celebrities like Katy Perry, who has already taken it out in one of his video clips. The famous dog has app in Apple Store and sells products such as mobile phone cases, calendars and has even made a collaboration with Primark.


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Nala is 6 years old and is a mix of Siamese and tabby that was adopted when she was 5 months old by her current owner. Your Instagram is followed by 3.3 mm of people. From this kitten, her crystal-clear eyes and her perennial face of surprise powerfully call her attention. He has made announcements for a brand of feed and has t-shirts whose profits are destined 50% to animals in need.

Guess what I got in the mail ? Thank you so much @simonscatofficial

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Doug The Pug

The Instagram of this carlino hoards a total of 2.2 mm of followers, has a book called Doug The Pug, King of Pop Culture, another coloring and several calendars. His hallmarks are his personal attire, the difraces and fast food.

“‪When they give u too many chips and not enough guac‬” -Doug

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Grumpy Cat

Its name says it all is that “grumpy” means grumpy and not have to see the photos to prove mosqueo face that looks like this cat. In fact, in his Instagram account, followed by 2.1 mm of people, he presents himself as the most grumpy cat in the world, that’s nothing. How could it be otherwise, this pussycat also has merchandising in the form of cat toys.

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Marnie the dog

Marnie is a 15-year-old shih tzu who was adopted from a shelter at 11. This dog is quite a survivor because when they found her wandering the streets of Connecticut she was diagnosed with vestibular syndrome and had to remove 14 practically rotten teeth. He always has his tongue out and his head tilted to one side … and an onlinestore where he sells cups, cards, books…! His Instagram sweeps 2.1 mm followers.

I’m not sleeping I’m telecommuting

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