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The 5 teams that died and deserve to have an altar


5 teams that died and deserve to have an altar

In this end of October and until November 2, Mexicans put altars in their homes to receive their deceased who are in the beyond and who during these dates return to visit their relatives. Taking advantage of the occasion, Liga MX could put together their offerings to remember teams that little god already has in his holy glory and that for their history they deserve the memory of all the fans. And why not, some should even revive.

1. Asturias Soccer Club

First champion of the professional era of Mexican soccer. Any other reason to put an offering? Well, this team founded by Spanish migrants in 1918, is also the top cup winner in the amateur era with 8 titles. However, the history of the Blue and Whites only lasted 32 years. Disappeared in 1950 because of differences between managers.

2. Orizaba Athletic Club

This controversial team – along with Pachuca, the cradle of Mexican soccer – won the first championship in Mexico in the 1902-1903 seasons, which was played against the Reforma Athletic Club, the British Club, Mexico Criquet Club and the Pachuca Athletic Club. A year later, due to problems in gathering players, the team disappeared. Currently, the team Albinegros de Orizaba plays in the Premier League, but has no relationship with the first club.

3. Deportivo Mars

The misfortune accompanied this founding club of professionalism in Mexico until his death. Since its beginnings, in 1928, it had problems and was forced to change its headquarters on different occasions. In 1953 he moved to Cuernavaca and was champion of the hand of Ignacio Trelles. 1955 arrived and they descended, but the misfortune did not end there, a year later they were disaffiliated from the Federation for aligning “cachirules” in a match against Morelia.

4. National Club of Peasant Athletes of Querétaro

We could call him the grandfather of the Roosters. It was the first team of Queretaro to play in First. Peasant Athletes deserve their offering on behalf of all the teams that have moved from headquarters to their whim. After ascending in 1980 and playing two seasons in the maximum circuit, he was sold to the Union of Petróleos Mexicanos and transferred to Tampico, Tamaulipas. Between its rows they passed players like Walter Gassire, Ítalo Estupiñán and their great figures, Antonio Carbajal and Leonardo Cuellar.

5. Neza bulls

The masks, painted hair and the irreverence of this team live in the memory of Mexican soccer. The Neza Bulls were a group that without much football, but with a lot of punch, knew how to conquer the fans. In 1993 they promoted to First Division and in the summer of 1997, already with players of the stature of Mohamed, “The Pony” Ruíz, Miguel Herrera, Federico Lussenhoff and the veteran Pablo Larios, reached the final against Chivas. No doubt a team that we miss and we would like to see with their masks during the ceremony of Liga MX.

This was a small count of some historical teams, but more than 152 teams passed through Mexican soccer and died. You juanáticos, what other team would you give your Day of the Dead offering?


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