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The 5 things you should know before buying an electric car

Moving with one of these vehicles has stopped being a dream. What do you have to take into account to choose one?

The 5 things you should know before buying an electric car

You do not want to-or cannot-stop using the car, but you is worried about pollution and the growing restrictions on combustion vehicles in big cities create problems for you. We review the five factors that you should consider before buying an e-car, and what types of electric vehicles are available to you.

1. How much does it cost?

It is the main question asked by any buyer interested in these cars. Although it depends a lot on the model, the brand and the type of electric vehicle, on average we could talk about prices between 30% and 40% higher than those of the conventional ones, above all because of the still high cost of the battery.

2. What autonomy do you offer?

Many drivers are afraid of running out of battery in the middle of the road and therefore prefer plug-in or extended-range hybrid vehicles – supported by heat engines – instead of one-hundred-percent electric vehicles. Today, the pure electric allows a range of between 130 and 300 kilometers.

3. How long does it take to charge the battery?

Recharging a battery completely can take between seven and eleven hours. At fast recharge points, times are reduced to a few minutes, although the battery does not recharge at all.

4. When should I change it?

Along with charging time, another common question consumers ask themselves is when to replace the battery. According to experts, it can hold between 100,000 and 200,000 km. Then it would have to be replaced by another one.

5. Where can I recharge it?

This is one of the main pending subjects in Spain. The ideal would be to have a fixed recharge point at home and then be able to access a wide network of semi-rapid recharge points (in shopping malls or car parks) or fast (on public roads). At the moment there are about two thousand public points and private companies spread throughout our country.

The three types of electric vehicles

Plug-in hybrid:

Combines electric propulsion -from the energy obtained from the network- with conventional thermal propulsion -when the electric battery has been discharged-. The electrical autonomy is greater than in conventional hybrids (non-pluggable), which decreases its overall level of emissions. It offers between 15 km and 50 km of autonomy in electric mode.

Electric with extended autonomy:

The plug-in electric vehicle incorporates a small combustion engine that drives a generator to recharge the battery. The propulsion is exclusively electric, but the recharging of the electric motor is done thanks to the auxiliary combustion system available. This allows extending the electric range, which is about 80 kilometers.

100% electric:

The one hundred percent electric vehicle is powered solely by an electric motor powered by batteries that are recharged through a power outlet connected to the power grid. Its autonomy is limited by the capacity of these batteries. The current technology allows traveling a range of between 130 and 300 kilometers without recharging.

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