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The 5G continues to gain speed: Samsung gets 1.7Gbps on a moving train

The 5G continues to gain speed
The 5G continues to gain speed: Samsung gets 1.7Gbps on a moving train

We have been hearing about the next generation of communications for several years, and one year after the 5G standard begins to reach some parts of the world, companies that are engaged in the fight to develop this technology continue to boast about their achievements. And Samsung has been one of the last to do so.

The Korean company has announced that it has achieved a 5G speed of 1.7 Gbps on a moving train according to Fossbytes. This is a blow on the table not only because the train was in motion, but because it exceeds the speeds of competitors such as Intel, which introduced a 5G modem capable of going to 1.6 Gbps.

These figures are the result of a test conducted last October in Saitama, Japan, on a train that was moving at 100 km / h . It was a collaboration with the operator KDDI that aims to market the 5G in 2020, and its objective was to download a video with 8K resolution during the 1.5 km journey between two stations.

Previously both companies already made another test with a train at 60 km / h, but have been accelerating the speed of this train to approximate the real conditions that will face the technology in 2020. In that year the Olympic Games in Japan will be held , event in which it is intended to retransmit the events in 8K resolution.

5G networks are prepared for deployment

Although the standard of the fifth generation of mobile networks is still to be defined and is expected by the end of 2018, operators and equipment manufacturers are already preparing to begin a deployment that is expected by 2020 . Not to be left behind in this technology, countries such as Spain have already prepared national plans to deploy it.

The idea is to start with the first auctions of spectrum in 2018. In this way it is expected that by 2020 we can start to benefit from a technology that will not only be present in our mobile phones, but could also represent a real revolution in sectors such as the IoT and any network of devices connected to the Internet.

In any case, while these dates arrive and the standard is finished, the normal thing is for the manufacturers to continue doing their tests. This means that the achievement announced by Samsung could soon be overtaken by others while exploring the speed limits of this type of connections.


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