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The Audi R8 could stop being the spearhead of Audi Sport in favor of the RS Q8 of 2020

The Audi R8 could stop being the spearhead of Audi Sport in favor of the RS Q8 of 2020
Audi R8

Anti-pollution regulations are making things complicated for those manufacturers that stood out for having a sports line with their own entity. Within Audi, Audi Sport took care of some of the best wolves with lambskin on the market and from now on they can have their days numbered.

As reflected in Atomobile Magazine, the future of Audi Sport goes through a deep restructuring in which nobody is saved. Not even the sports bastion of Audi, the Audi R8, to which the specialized media claims that they have only television news until 2020.

See you saying goodbye to the charismatic R8

Audi Sport Performance Parts

In just over two years, the Audi R8 will be interrupted its existence. The German supercar will not have a third generation because it is not exactly a sales success and because beyond 2020 (when its cousin the Lamborghini Hurricane change platform) it will be very difficult to maintain a natural aspiration engine with superior power 500 horses without breaking emissions regulations.

Instead, they point out that there may be two options within the signature of the four rings to replace the R8: either an electric sports car derived from the R8 e-tron and a much less likely option that would have the internal designation “Scorpion” in the form of another V8 of about 5.0 liters with desmodromic distribution taken from Ducati and a power close to 1,000 HP.

audi rs5 micro hybrid

This second option is really remote, basically because Ducati has been protecting its Desmo system for decades through a strict patent management so that no other manufacturer can access or develop highly precise mechanical systems like yours. Although Ducati is now in the hands of Audi would be quite bizarre to give them a treasure so precious.

For the rest, the next Audi RS4 and RS5 probably mount a V6 biturbo of 2.9 liters like the one that uses the Porsche Panamera and a power around 450 horses, but it will be an engine that does not go much further in terms of power, so for the RS6 and RS7 can equip the 4.0 V8 that can reach up to 650 HP.

Audi Q8 Concept

Precisely a variant of this block V8 with 650 HP would be the one that could mount the future RS Q8, the sports SUV that could arrive in 2020 sharing platform with the newly released Lamborghini Urus and that would become the true standard of Audi Sport.

Lastly, the plans of Audi Sport could come from a version of 100% electric Porsche Mission E and that would be a modern reinterpretation of the Audi Quattro.


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