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The beauty of autumn in Slovenia and Croatia

slovenia in fall
slovenia in fall

For many, the new countries that were created after the split of Eastern Europe are still largely unknown. After the fall of the Berlin wall, some of the republics in that area, such as Czechoslovakia or Yugoslavia, disintegrated in a process of splits and the creation of new states.

The beauty of these countries was postponed for many, who avoided traveling to the area until the most complicated years passed. Today, the beauty of autumn in Slovenia and Croatia is enough reason to visit and know these countries, authentic treasures of Continental Europe.

That’s why I loved discovering one of these inspiring videos with which I usually feel like traveling. In this video that gathers the beauty and color of the golden trees, the reflections of the waters in lakes and rivers and much more to fall in love with both Mediterranean countries and plan a visit in the next year 2018. That you enjoy them…

It is a 3-minute video in which a wonderful succession of Time Lapses animated with video fragments produce a sense of continuous filming, very pleasant for the viewer.

If you do not know the countries in which this inspiring video is filmed, you will love discovering the beauty of the landscapes of Croatia and Slovenia, two destinations that we have talked about frequently in the Traveler’s Diary and that today star in this video. And you… have you been to Croatia and Slovenia?


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