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The best places to spend New Year in Latin America


For some to receive the new year there is nothing special about it. They can watch TV, listen to 12 chimes and continue with their day as if nothing had happened. For others it is just the opposite, the excitement of starting a new year can not be compared to anything else and they celebrate together with their whole family or at a big party with all their friends.

It is considered a new opportunity, the calendars and clocks begin the same journey once more and although time is relative, we can feel that things will be different. That feeling is similar to what you feel when traveling, so by mixing the two things your self-esteem and change mentality are in heaven and what better than Latin America to start over.



Known as the best beach to spend the New Year in Latin America, which also makes it the best place to do it, Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, on an invisible border, give their all to make the locals and tourists enjoy themselves to the fullest. With festivities that begin days before and last well into the afternoon of January 1, get ready to celebrate, dance, and practically feel like you’re in a huge party that will never end.

Chillan spa

Similarly, Chile has Termas de Chillán, which becomes the opposite of Valparaiso. Really cold in winter, the tourist complex that has hot springs, casinos and hotels is perfect to spend several days doing sports in the snow and relaxing in its warm thermal waters. The mentality to visit this place in the new year is much more introspective and serves to think about what you did that year or throughout your life and what you expect from the future.

Rio de Janeiro

Known as one of the cities of eternal celebration, the Brazilian city does not disappoint at the beginning of the year, as streets, beaches and bars are filled with thousands of Brazilians but above all tourists who celebrate in one of the destinations that many consider paradise. Visiting Brazil for the holidays is an opportunity to get closer to an urban lifestyle of great movement, but above all to a friendly town that will give you great lessons to start over.

Uruguayan coast

East Point

Located in Uruguay, but also accessible to Argentines and Brazilians, the Uruguayan coast, which has different resorts such as Punta del Este, Valizas or Cabo Polonio, sees some activity throughout the year, but for the end of the year festivities it is full of such a way that it is even a little annoying for the residents.

It may seem like something common: big and small parties for twentysomethings or bigger people, sea and beach bars; but with people from all over the world it moves in an atmosphere unique and different from everything you’ve seen.


The northern hemisphere will live a strong winter, but fortunately Calakmul is in a fairly warm area of ​​Mexico, so you can camp without any problems. The wonderful thing about receiving the new year camping in Calakmul is that it is a Mayan archaeological site, not only that, it is one of the most impressive in the whole region and hidden among the vegetation, the ruins seem to speak only to you. Such an experience is unique in life and although you do not repeat it, you will always remember the feeling when you receive the new year near millenary temples.

What is your favorite destination to travel at the end of the year? Some prefer family communion and sometimes there is nothing better than that, but if you are looking for adventures at the end of the year, maybe you have some secret that many are unaware of.


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