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The best scientific images of 2017

We finish the year with the most spectacular science snapshots of the season, according to the journal Nature.


When we contemplate the scenes that mark and accompany our lives, we do so from a particular point of view and always subject to a small touch of subjectivity. What, in appearance, is an everyday trait or normalized by the human being, can become something really amazing if we dig a little deeper.

The science is defined as the set of knowledge obtained through observation and reasoning, systematically structured and which principles and laws are deduced capable predictive and experimentally testable.

Precisely, this systematic observation is also creative of art and immortalizes the most singular images of our day to day, without hardly realizing it. The look of science is much more exciting than what is believed, and has become a way to be able to observe the world, although in a different way than we know it.

The versatility in the scale of vision of science allows, on the one hand, that we know the inadvertent microscopic universe. In this, there is a whole new world for humans with invisible creatures that coexist with each of us and closer to what is believed. And for example, on the other hand, science also allows us to travel distances that very few have been able to and contemplate the gigantic and chilling outer space.

So, what images can science capture as opposed to the human being’s gaze? Worms of hell, imposing solar eclipses, flashes and fireworks in absolute detail… Nothing goes unnoticed by the analytical eye of knowledge.

The year 2017 closes its doors with a large list of important events and incredible images. Social, political, cultural and natural factors draw the mark and signature of this year.

From a scientific point of view, the year 2017 has brought very relevant events, such as space flights, really beautiful natural phenomena, others unfortunately with a more catastrophic nature, innovations in technology and health, and extraordinary knowledge about the most remote past of the species , including ours.

Then, we leave you the most striking planes of science and the natural world compiled briefly in the best scientific photographs, according to the journal Nature. Do not miss a detail!





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