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The best sports watches of 2017

These are the 3 best sports watches of 2017, ready to give to the most sportsman of the family.

The best sports watches of 2017
The best sports watches of 2017

During these days we are launching a multitude of articles on the best gifts to do at Christmas. After seeing those technological articles that never fail , or mobiles for less than 200 euros, we now collect the best sports watches of 2017, ideal for sports lovers.

Hand in hand with Lifestyle.fit, the reference fitness and health site headed by Vikika Costa, we can find out what are the best sports wearables of the year from someone who has tested them thoroughly during the last months. That is why the 3 best sports watches of 2017 have been subjected to the most demanding tests.

Garmin Forerunner 235

One of the best sports watches of the year according to all those who have had the opportunity to “throw the glove”. Water resistance, battery of 11 hours, alerts, intervals, advanced training, calendar, and a host of features are what make the Garmin Forerunner one of the best wearables of 2017.

The clock works with 5 different modes (race, indoor race, bike, indoor bike and “others”) that can be configured through five screens (two customizable data, two heart rate data and another with data from the training).

Its price on Amazon is 244 euros , with more than 100 euros discount.

TomTom Runner

tomtom runner

The TomTom sports watch offers real-time information about time, distance, speed, pace and other variables that may affect the user during the race in order to improve your performance over the days.

It has customizable straps as well as daily challenges to “encourage” you to go out and reach the desired goal

Its price on Amazon is 160 euros.

Moto 360 Sport

The Moto 360 Sport completes the Top 3 of the best sports watches of 2017thanks to a comfortable and durable design and a power capable of supporting the most demanding fitness applications. Your ideal partner of sports practice has lateral ventilation channels that help you avoid chafing and an integrated GPS that helps monitor your performance without having to carry the smartphone on top.

Its price on Amazon is 210 euros, since these days has a discount of 79 euros.



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