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The best way to combine yoga with bodybuilding

The best way to combine yoga with bodybuilding
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It is a mistake to think that yoga and bodybuilding work are incompatible activities. Far from being so, a yoga session and another one of weights can be complemented if it is about achieving a healthy, toned and sculpted body. Discover how to combine yoga with bodybuilding  to achieve an integral development that gives you maximum benefits.

Is it good to do weights and yoga?

Work balance, power, endurance, mental and physical harmony… are not objectives that share a yoga session and strength training? Of course. Many are cross-training plans that combine yoga with, a priori, disciplines that do not have much to do with it. Yoga and bodybuilding form a perfect tandem and if you know how to combine two sports you will notice that this particular and, in principle, surprising “mix” works and gives excellent results for several reasons:

  • The weights contribute to intensify muscular work. The postures and movements of yoga (asanas), do not diminish an ounce of effectiveness, but help to tone even more those muscles worked in the gym and also those who have not intervened in the exercises included in a certain strength routine. For this reason, bodybuilding is considered one of the ideal activities to complement your yoga routine every week.
  • In yoga, balance is basic. In any session, achieving a correct posture of the spine, lumbar area and abdomen is a fundamental premise. In essence, controlling the postures, implies strengthening the core area, is not that essential to perform the bodybuilding exercises correctly?
  • Among the benefits of combining yoga and strength training do not forget the flexibility that brings the practice of oriental discipline to the body. Stretching those muscles worked with weights, perhaps sore or stiff, is possible with the movements of yoga. Stretching always promotes better recovery and helps prevent possible injuries.
  • At the mental level , yoga can also be the best complement for any athlete, including those who focus their efforts on gaining mass and muscle tone. Yoga improves concentration and helps to face any challenge that implies an important physical demand with more tranquility, better self-esteem and with an always positive attitude.

Start lifting weights

How to combine yoga with muscle building

Keep in mind that there are different types of yoga, with more or less aerobic movements. If you do yoga and bodybuilding , the ideal is to opt for some of the yoga modalities that do not require a great physical demand so as not to overload your muscles. Of course, it depends on the level of training of each athlete and the time you need to start doing weights or attend your first yoga class; but, we must remember the necessary rest required by the muscles.

You can combine yoga and muscle building as you prefer doing both activities on the same day or alternate days. In the first case, it is important to do yoga after hard training your muscles (not before). It is logical. The yoga session, with its slow movements and deep breathing, will help you to relax and also to stretch your muscles, favoring your recovery.

You can also set up your own weekly routine , for example, training strength two days a week and interspersing two – three yoga sessions.

In any case, remember that doing different activities always improves the level of training as a whole and the general physical form . The simultaneous practice of different sports or disciplines increases motivation avoiding falling into the routine. If you decide to combine yoga and weights, you will not only improve muscle tone but also eliminate more body fat and gain flexibility, agility and balance. Mens sana in corpore sano… That’s the idea.


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