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The billionaire who never existed

Enough of GURUS of success! Roman Zaripov demonstrated how easy it is to deceive people.

The billionaire who never existed
The billionaire who never existed

Did you ever hear about Boris Bork? The successful Russian millionaire who was constantly seen on Instagram driving luxury cars, eating at the best restaurants, wearing the best branded clothes, accompanied by beautiful women, but who never really existed…

Social networks have come to change the world of marketing as we knew it, and within it have emerged new paradigm changes and new business models, including a new way to create and promote a personal brand and the ease of selling “intangibles” “Like success or financial freedom.

In October 2016, a 23-year-old named Roman Zaripov, wanted to show how easy it can be to deceive adults using social networks and investing very little money.

Boris Kudryashov, a retired pensioner who earns less than $ 180 a month, built the image of a successful billionaire in just two months .

The young marketing consultant posed Boris in the best places in Moscow, with the best clothes and the best cars, and with less than $ 1,000 in a period of 2 months managed to have more than 18,000 followers and numerous offers of different brands for that Boris posed with his products.

At the end of the experiment Roman Zaripov, exposed the truth and explained in his Facebook how easy it can be to deceive thousands of people and the importance of verifying the veracity of the information every time we encounter similar cases.

However, Boris is not the only case, within the world of success, financial freedom and entrepreneurship, every day false gurus are being born who promise to reach the top easily and quickly, as long as you buy their courses, read their books or subscribe to your blog so that you get all the junk information they produce.

The problem is that these false success gurus have discovered a new business model where what they have to do is pass themselves off as successful pseudo-entrepreneurs, attractive and millionaires, so that, with a simple web page and some videos on YouTube, they They can cheat with the objective of paying them for magic formulas that promise to get where they are in a short time and without much effort.

These people are really opportunists who are taking advantage of the growing rise of social networks and on issues such as motivation, financial freedom and personal development, to obtain income through false promises of success.

Actually their business model lies in marketing and content generation to sell courses, webinars, books, conferences, etc. to people like you or how I who genuinely are looking every day for a way to keep growing in our personal development.

Most of them are not even entrepreneurs, many are self-employed and get modest income from their products or advertising on their social networks. However, they pass themselves off as successful entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs or coaches as this is part of their personal branding and their strategy to project an image of success.

Many of them are following the famous English aphorism Fake it until you make it, which has its origin in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which suggests the imitation of optimistic, positive and self-confidence conducts so that the person can develop these behaviors in their real life.

The problem is when these imitation behaviors are used to sell us the false image of success of certain people and worse, when we pay them for their methods to quickly reach the success they supposedly have but that does not really exist.

Gary Vaynerchuk, author bestseller, influencer and founder of VaynerMedia, says there is a big difference between being successful and being on the path to success. This is the reason why many of these success gurus do not have the financial freedom or success they claim to have.

It is not wrong to be on the road to success, as long as they do not take advantage of others and be sincere when they say at what stage of their lives they are and where they want to go, without deceiving people.

Now, not all of them are like that and surely there are some that produce content of the highest quality, however, do not trust, reflect and question everything that each of them says and if you are like me you are constantly looking to develop and keep growing, what you have to do to detect if these success gurus can provide you with valuable information or not, is the following:

  • Investigate what is your real source of income, if you do not have a company and your income only comes from consulting or the courses you sell, beware.
  • Investigate what previous experience they have especially in the areas that you are interested in developing.
  • Learn from people who have already achieved things like the ones you want to achieve or achieve.

Finally, you have to approach people who truly have business experience, who have undertaken, escalated your business, who have sold or bought others, who are preferably directing or who are already entrepreneurs.

Someone who day by day is facing the daily problems of business, employees, processes, finances, success and failure. And not someone who feels entrepreneur or entrepreneur just because he put a blog that generates money or because he has an online business that generates a certain flow, many are sold as successful entrepreneurs, but basically they are only consultants and do not have the experience to run a company.

I have always talked about the importance of mentors and coaches, someone who has already gone through the same path and has encountered the same stones that we will face, someone who can guide and accompany us at every stage of our business or entrepreneurship


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