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The challenge of 365 days of happiness: how to be happy all year long

The challenge 365 days of happiness to be happy all year long
The challenge 365 days of happiness to be happy all year long

If there is one thing that is important in life, it is to be happy. Feel good in your everyday sneakers, laugh, enjoy life and not regret anything contributes to our happiness. The latter does not depend on anything else: neither money that can be earned (even if one concedes that to earn a good living can help in happiness), nor fame.

Yet even when you have everything you want, you can feel sad, overwhelmed. That is why one must cultivate one’s happiness, remembering each day that life is worth living.

This is the purpose of this challenge 365 days of happiness: by raising it, you will be happier than you have ever been. The challenges that make it up are not complicated: they are small, easily achievable activities that will really give you a sense of well-being and accomplishment.

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365 days of happiness with our challenge

So, ready to take up the challenge?

Day 1: Wear your favorite items.
Day 2: Sign up for a free class.
Day 3: Rearrange your interior.
Day 4: Start a gratitude journal .
Day 5: Make a cake .
Day 6: Have a slumber party
Day 7: Watch a funny YouTube video.
Day 8: Listen to the radio and sing loudly.
Day 9: Make a photo album.
Day 10: Admire the starry sky.
Day 11: Make a FaceTime with an old friend.
Day 12: Put your favorite picture in a frame.
Day 13: Learn how to cook a new dish.
Day 14: Dance like a madwoman in your living room.
Day 15: Have a dinner with friends or family.
Day 16: Go to your local farmers market.
Day 17: Make a sale on the Internet and make money.
Day 18: Take a bubble bath.
Day 19: Surprise someone you love with a gift.
Day 20: Try the nail art .
Day 21: Have a picnic.
Day 22: Build a fort in your house.
Day 23: Roast marshmallows.
Day 24: Play a board game.
Day 25: Watch the sunset.
Day 26: Send someone who misses you a postcard.
Day 27: Take a day off just for yourself.
Day 28: Watch your favorite movie.
Day 29: Blow bubbles.
Day 30: Visit a museum.

Cook a cake with your family
Cook a cake with your family

Day 31: Treat yourself to something sweet.
Day 32: Swap clothes with your friends.
Day 33: Post on Facebook an old photo that makes you happy.
Day 34: Sing in the shower.
Day 35: Give a second life to an old T-shirt by customizing it.
Day 36: Start a blog.
Day 37: Treat yourself to a makeover.
Day 38: Engage with a cause that is important to you.
Day 39: Fill a painting by numbers.
Day 40: Visit a local park.
Day 41: Learn to knit .
Day 42: Take a dance class.
Day 43: Read a magazine.
Day 44: Play Frisbee.
Day 45: Donate old clothes to an association.
Day 46: Slip on the floor with your socks.
Day 47: Take a bike ride.
Day 48: Write thank you cards.
Day 49: Jump rope.
Day 50: Plant something in your garden or on your balcony.
Day 51: Start a puzzle.
Day 52: Dip your feet in a pond.
Day 53: Go to the aquarium.
Day 54: Listen to a podcast about something that interests you.
Day 55: Clean your closet .
Day 56: Learn to skateboard.
Day 57: Go to a karaoke party with your girlfriends.
Day 58: Give yourself a pretty bouquet of flowers.
Day 59: Go bowling.
Day 60: Watch an inspiring TED Talk.
Day 61: Make a decorative object and expose it to your home.
Day 62: Fly a kite.
Day 63: Learn to juggle.
Day 64: Listen to a feel good playlist .
Day 65: Do yoga outdoors.
Day 66: Make a memory box.
Day 67: Read a collection of poems.
Day 68: Go to a flea market.
Day 69: Write a poem.
Day 70: Treat yourself to a moment at the spa.
Day 71: Buy a small pet.
Day 72: Meditate.
Day 73: Play a free online game.
Day 74: Practice origami.
Day 75: Spend a whole day in pajamas.
Day 76: Play hide and seek.
Day 77: Go to an animal shelter and play with dogs and cats to beautify their day.
Day 78: Go to a fancy restaurant for dinner.
Day 79: Surprise your colleagues with pastries.
Day 80: Sit on a bench in a park to observe passersby.
Day 81: Go swimming.
Day 82: Create a new recipe.
Day 83: Hire someone to clean your house.
Day 84: Make a crossword in the newspaper.
Day 85: Treat yourself to a massage.
Day 86: Make a notebook with all your favorite recipes.
Day 87: Go to the cinema.
Day 88: Buy the new album from one of your favorite artists.
Day 89: Meet a friend for a drink.
Day 90: Make paper planes.
Day 91: Order a delicious hot drink in your favorite coffee.
Day 92: Watch a movie of your childhood.
Day 93: Go run.
Day 94: Finish a sudoku grill.
Day 95: Go to the library and borrow a book that you would like to read.
Day 96: Visit your old school.
Day 97: Make your own pizza .
Day 98: Have a cartoon marathon.
Day 99: Visit your family.
Day 100: Go shopping.
Day 101: Ask a barista to teach you latte art .
Day 102: Exchange books with a friend.
Day 103: Take a long walk in the forest.
Day 104: Go to the zoo.
Day 105: Watch a stand-up comedy.
Day 106: Light your chimney.
Day 107: Make a Rubik’s cube.
Day 108: Write positive sentences and stick them on your mirror.
Day 109: Go to a playground and swing.
Day 110: Collect seashells on a beach.
Day 111: Spend an hour on Pinterest.
Day 112: Take selfies.
Day 113: Watch a cute animal video .
Day 114: Organize a cocktail.
Day 115: Canoeing.
Day 116: Visit a retirement home.
Day 117: Give a big tip to the waiter.
Day 118: Order your favorite dish to take away.
Day 119: Camp in your garden.
Day 120: Dry flowers in a book.
Day 121: Pick wildflowers.
Day 122: Give someone a hug.
Day 123: Browse through old directories.
Day 124: Give yourself a new haircut.
Day 125: Make an inspirational painting.
Day 126: Take a hike.
Day 127: Cuddle a kitten.
Day 128: Learn to surf.
Day 129: Make homemade ice cream .
Day 130: Relax in a hot tub.
Day 131: Spend a day in your favorite part of the city.
Day 132: Give your room a makeover.
Day 133: Learn a new skill through YouTube videos.
Day 134: Take pictures.
Day 135: Pamper your hands .
Day 136: Send flowers to your parents.
Day 137: Perfect your hula-hoop skills.
Day 138: Paint in your home a wall of your favorite color.
Day 139: Rollerblading.
Day 140: Binge-watchez a moronic show on TV.
Day 141: Learn a dance routine from an online video.
Day 142: Do yourself a facial.
Day 143: Sail on a boat.
Day 144: Play Mad Libs.
Day 145: Watch the sunrise.
Day 146: Make cookies.
Day 147: Fill a coloring book.
Day 148: Put your feet in the ocean.
Day 149: Clean the house and store your cupboards.
Day 150: Play with a baby.
Day 151: Have breakfast in bed.
Day 152: Relax with a coffee and a book.
Day 153: Plan your vacation.
Day 154: Join a reading club.
Day 155: Try yourself at DIY.
Day 156: Sign up for a color run .
Day 157: Compliment an unknown person.
Day 158: Embrace someone.
Day 159: Visit a local beach.
Day 160: Buy something new for your room.
Day 161: Write a letter to your future self.
Day 162: Make a fortune teller in paper.
Day 163: Make love.
Day 164: Go somewhere again for lunch.
Day 165: Light up your living room.
Day 166: Create your own YouTube account.
Day 167: Play with the puppies.
Day 168: Forgive someone.
Day 169: Find a new show on Netflix.
Day 170: Make a list of things that make you happy .
Day 171: High-five someone.
Day 172: Buy a houseplant.
Day 173: Make yourself a pampering day.
Day 174: Pay someone else’s coffee.
Day 175: Look at the photo albums of your childhood.
Day 176: Write a short story.
Day 177: Stroll through a bookstore.
Day 178: Look at the clouds.
Day 179: Meet a neighbor.
Day 180: Stretch before bedtime.
Day 181: Take a photo shoot with your BFF.
Day 182: Take your friend to dinner somewhere.
Day 183: Do not look for social networks for a day.
Day 184: Go to an antique store.
Day 185: Dress as if you are going out.
Day 186: Tell someone you love them.
Day 187: Sit in the sun for 15 minutes.
Day 188: Treat yourself to a manicure.
Day 189: Drive a scooter.
Day 190: Buy a new pair of shoes.
Day 191: Smile at an unknown person.
Day 192: Have a drink on a roof top .
Day 193: Distribute essential oils at home.
Day 194: Choose your Halloween costume.
Day 195: Write an open letter to someone who inspires you.
Day 196: Get inspiration on Tumblr.
Day 197: Get rid of something you do not use.
Day 198: Give money to a homeless person.
Day 199: Call your mother.
Day 200: Prepare a margarita.
Day 201: Take a family picture.
Day 202: Draw something.
Day 203: Drink green tea.
Day 204: Dance in the rain.
Day 205: Paddleboarding.
Day 206: Have a barbecue.
Day 207: Climb a tree.
Day 208: Turn off your phone for a day.
Day 209: Dare to wear something extravagant.
Day 210: Make a list of things you want to do before your next birthday.
Day 211: Make your favorite drink at home and invite friends to share it with you.
Day 212: Buy balloons.
Day 213: Make your own playlist.
Day 214: Play the cards.
Day 215: Do something touristy.
Day 216: Tweet to an author.
Day 217: Make a marathon of Harry Potter movies .
Day 218: Treat yourself to a pedicure.
Day 219: Organize a costume party.
Day 220: Sip a beer by the pool.
Day 221: Breathe deeply.
Day 222: Wear sweatpants.
Day 223: Plan a road trip.
Day 224: Make the wheel.
Day 225: Make a healthy meal.
Day 226: Download new applications to your phone.
Day 227: Make a mood board.
Day 228: Buy a new accessory for your hair .
Day 229: Try a new hairstyle .
Day 230: Exfoliate your face.
Day 231: Jump on the street.
Day 232: Baby-sitting for a friend.
Day 233: Volunteer in a youth center.
Day 234: Watch videos at home.
Day 235: Rearrange your pantry.
Day 236: Blow a bubble with chewing gum.
Day 237: Invest in quality skin care items.
Day 238: Eat chocolate .
Day 239: Draw on the sidewalk with chalk.
Day 240: Set goals for the week.
Day 241: Start a book that you are dying to read.
Day 242: Make a wreath of flowers .
Day 243: Prepare some popcorn.
Day 244: Take a nap in the afternoon.
Day 245: Re-read your favorite book.
Day 246: Start a piggy bank.
Day 247: Create a collage and frame it.
Day 248: Try some samples of beauty products.
Day 249: Subscribe to a magazine.
Day 250: Ice skating.
Day 251: Attend an outdoor concert.
Day 252: Learn a few sentences from a new language.
Day 253: Send a photo of this time to your high school friends.
Day 254: Put clean sheets.
Day 255: Subscribe to a beauty box .
Day 256: Buy new pens that will inspire you to write.
Day 257: Learn something new from a family member.
Day 258: Play basketball with a friend.
Day 259: Shake a snowball.
Day 260: Ski.
Day 261: Freeze your favorite fruit .
Day 262: Call your grandparents.
Day 263: Eat your favorite childhood snack.
Day 264: Order a pizza.
Day 265: Purchase a plant for your office at work .
Day 266: Get perfume samples.
Day 267: Buy a soft and warm blanket.
Day 268: Eat your favorite sweet.
Day 269: Decorate your closet.
Day 270: Go see an opera.
Day 271: Treat yourself to something special.
Day 272: Drink hot chocolate with marshmallows.
Day 273: Play with slime .
Day 274: Watch a movie of the year of your birth.
Day 275: Beautify your workspace.
Day 276: Sled.
Day 277: Eat a sushi-burrito.
Day 278: Give your positive opinion online for a restaurant.
Day 279: Spend a day with your best friend.
Day 280: Make yourself a scarf or a camera strap.
Day 281: Enjoy an ice cream.
Day 282: Go karting.
Day 283: Make an angel of snow or sand.
Day 284: Create a candy pot for your home.
Day 285: Go to a Zumba class.
Day 286: Help one of your grandparents sign up for Facebook.
Day 287: Buy a new outfit for work.
Day 288: Make your eyebrows.
Day 289: Buy a new jewel.
Day 290: Clean your rings.
Day 291: Memorize the lyrics of one of your favorite songs.
Day 292: Go camping.
Day 293: Try mindfulness .
Day 294: Go a labyrinth of mirrors.
Day 295: Take a cooking class.
Day 296: Have a “game night” with friends.
Day 297: Take fresh air.
Day 298: Send a message to a friend who has been lost for a long time on Facebook.
Day 299: Go scuba diving.
Day 300: Talk to a colleague you never talked to.
Day 301: Try something new that you have never eaten before.
Day 302: Write down a quote from your favorite book.
Day 303: Master the art of chess.
Day 304: Listen to a record player.
Day 305: Find a photo booth and take funny photos.
Day 306: Eat a lollipop.
Day 307: Make yourself a hair mask.
Day 308: Wear a fun hat.
Day 309: Listen to Christmas music.
Day 310: Ask your friends for song recommendations.
Day 311: Arrive at the end of your to-do list at the office .
Day 312: Ride a horse.
Day 313: Spend a night without electricity.
Day 314: Stay in bed all day.
Day 315: Have breakfast for dinner.
Day 316: Do something fun with your other half.
Day 317: Open a bottle of Champagne and drink a cup.
Day 318: Read again your favorite children’s book.
Day 319: Take a virtual trip via Google Maps.
Day 320: Give yourself a new piercing.
Day 321: Try a new restaurant.
Day 322: Visit a friend’s office.
Day 323: Give advice to a friend who needs it.
Day 324: Try to drink eight glasses of water a day.
Day 325: Make your shoes shine.
Day 326: Repair something that has been broken.
Day 327: Wear sexy lingerie.
Day 328: Use a Polaroid camera all day.
Day 329: Tell someone you love them.
Day 330: Join a dating app.
Day 331: Walk somewhere picturesque.
Day 332: Wear funny socks.
Day 333: Enjoy happy hour.
Day 334: Make a phone joke to someone.
Day 335: Listen to oldies.
Day 336: Play the ladies.
Day 337: Have a coffee with an old friend.
Day 338: Play Action or Truth
Day 339: Try a fabulous evening dress.
Day 340: Plan a friend’s birthday party.
Day 341: Treat yourself to makeup at the mall.
Day 342: Do a social media cleaning.
Day 343: Go dancing in a box.
Day 344: Give yourself a new tattoo.
Day 345: Thank your boss for something.
Day 346: Watch your favorite sport on TV.
Day 347: Keep a friend’s dog
Day 348: Go to an art gallery.
Day 349: Learn to play an instrument.
Day 350: Play a video game.
Day 351: Get new business cards.
Day 352: Use dental floss.
Day 353: Buy some tea.
Day 354: Get your teeth whitened.
Day 355: Wear your favorite jeans.
Day 356: Treat yourself to a box of pastries.
Day 357: Buy a new phone shell.
Day 358: Put Christmas lights at home (even if it’s not Christmas).
Day 359: Put a sticker on your laptop.
Day 360: Plan a romantic weekend
Day 361: Set up your planner for the year.
Day 362: Make a nice hairstyle to a friend.
Day 363: Join a fantasy league.
Day 364: Wear a dress all day.
Day 365: Think about all the incredible things you have done this year!


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