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The chat system of a MMORPG can transmit malware


Most MMORPGs offer an internal instant messaging system. These can quickly become overwhelming and players often end up keeping only some quiet channels. If they are practical in game, they prove that they can potentially carry malware…

In a post on Reddit, we learn that the internal chat system of Korean MMORPG Tera could be used to send malware to other players in fact, the fact that the interface of said chat uses HTML Messages could be sent with malicious hidden code.

Alerted immediately, the publisher of the game, En Masse, made the decision to disable the chat time to correct the problem, as we can read in a post on the official forum: “There have been very convincing statements about this potential loophole could allow malicious people to do so. We take these statements very seriously, but for now, we have no evidence that this flaw was used in any way or that any player information was compromised.”

The game’s developers are currently working on fixing the problem. However, no patch date has been communicated.


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