Home Entertainment The “Christmas posed” by Sara Carbonero (and family) is that crunch

The “Christmas posed” by Sara Carbonero (and family) is that crunch

The "Christmas posed" by Sara Carbonero is that crunch
Sara Carbonero

These days the most normal thing is to receive one Christmas greeting after another: disguised photos, pictures of the children in the house disguised, the Bethlehem portal, those own and other people’s poses, and a thousand and one stories that saturate us with WathsApp and social networks. However, there are some that are more original than oysters, such as the greeting of Sara Carbonero with her most familiar posed

There you have it, of course ** an original way to congratulate Christmas ** to all his followers, with a ** “family posed” of the most horny ** and is that instead of posing together in front of the cameras, they have done with loaves that show the names of each of the members of the family and, incidentally, come out of the most desirable, things as they are.

Sara has conquered us with this congratulation, she has won our laughter and our recognition. No doubt a clear example in which you should never lose your sense of humor.

At your feet, Sara. Merry Christmas.


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