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“The cinema has become an amusement park”: Jodie Foster charges against Hollywood blockbusters


black mirror season 4

black mirror season 4Jodie Foster is back in the news thanks to the premiere of the new episodes of ‘Black Mirror’, since she has been responsible for the staging of ‘Arkangel’, the chapter on a mother investing in a new technology to be located to your daughter. For that reason, he has granted several interviews, and in one of them he has questioned the exaggerated tendency of Hollywood to do blockbusters regardless of their quality.

The protagonist of ‘The panic room’ (‘Panic Room’) believes that the obsession with the benefits of some producers are loaded the way in which the public is related to the cinema. In fact, he has not hesitated to compare it with fracking and has even pointed directly to superhero movies as one of the main culprits. These were his words:

The cinema has become an amusement park. Studies doing bad content to please the masses and shareholders is like fracking, you get benefits now but you are loading the planet. They are ruining the viewing habits of the Americans and finally the rest of the world. I do not want to make superhero films of 200 million dollars.

It is clear that the studios are not going to spend 200 million dollars to make a film without expecting it to go on rampage at the box office. This is usually associated with making multiple concessions to reach as many people as possible. It is not a necessarily negative practice, but not all filmmakers have enough talent to not notice the limitations that entails.

Asked about the possibility of directing in the future a superhero movie, Foster did not rule out the possibility, but he made his demands clear: he should focus on an interesting story with the characters as the axis of it and with a very complete psychologically protagonist and no brainless action.

Your experience in ‘Black Mirror’

Of course, the winner of two Oscars – for ‘Accused’ (‘The Accused’) and ‘The silence of the lambs’ (‘The Silence of the Lambs’) – also spoke about his experience in ‘Black Mirror’. In that case her words were much more positive, as she was delighted with the dynamics that were established with Charlie Brooker, creator of the Netflix series:

This may seem crazy, but as a director I had never had such a nice collaboration with a producer like this. It may be the British factor. I like the way Charlie says “It could be fine if…” or “Maybe we could…?” We have a conversation instead of someone being a boss.

She did not hesitate to give an example of her experience in Hollywood, where unless you are someone untouchable like Steven Spielberg or Clint Eastwood, there is a certain “lack of respect” towards the directors and that she has even meditated lately on whether she had made a mistake in choosing profession and that it might have been better to become a lawyer or a teacher.


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